"Grips Overshoes improve traction on multiple slippery surfaces..."
"Grips give you amazing traction on oil and grease and protect your work shoes..."
If you don't need the added footwear protection of an overshoe or you're looking for a less expensive solution you should Click here to find out about Grips-Lite™...
Winter Walking Grips
Slip Resistant Overshoes
$49.97 /pr.
"Grips are versatile enough to wear indoors and outdoors and safe to wear while driving..."
Working around oil and grease is obviously a major slip hazard for most companies. If not on an everyday basis there's always burst hydraulic line or leaky oil reservoir. So to avoid the expense of a fall you provide slip resistant shoes which are also very expensive. But oil and grease are tough on shoes so you wind up buying them frequently.

Why buy expensive oil and grease slip resistant work shoes when you can get better traction and preserve the shoe using Winter Walking Grips slip resistant overshoes? Here's why Grips overshoes make good sense for you or your business...

You get great versatility because Grips work on a variety of slippery surfaces.

Slippery Condition:
Oil and Grease
Snow and Slush
Water and Other Liquids
Animal Fats  
Soaps and Waxes  
Non Sparking
Non Conductive

Grips are easier to put on and take off than competing slip resistant overshoes because they have a bigger opening at the top and a wider shaft and a proprietary inside spray coat that helps them slip over your shoes. But you don't have to put them on and take them off every time you go outside and re enter the plant because they give you great traction on ice and snow and on the slippery floors indoors. That's important because the more a person has to take them off and put them on the less likely they are to use them at all and you wind up getting the lost time injury anyway. So it's great for people who do frequent yard checks or for people on the loading dock.

They're perfect for delivery people because it's safe to wear them while driving. Once again people are more likely to use slip resistant overshoes reliably if they don't have to constantly be putting them and taking them off every time they make a stop.

Treads Align with Metatarsal Bones
Grips Layered Aluminum Oxide
Patented Trim Line™

Your foot gets better traction because of Winter Walking's patented Angle Tread™ which enables the grit bars to align with your metatarsal bones so your foot makes better contact with the floor.

You'll get better wear than competing products with simple grit surface on the sole because Winter Walking uses a patented layered aluminum oxide grit bar. When one layer wears off another layer is exposed.

Grips are ideal for the oil and gas industry because the aluminum oxide bands are both non-conductive and non-sparking.

Grips Overshoes Angle Tread

The treads don't clog because the treads have a self-cleaning design. The treads are narrow and shallow at the instep and gradually widen and deepen toward the outer edge.

Do you have extremely heavy work shoes? It's no problem getting Grips over the heaviest shoes and boots because the JD912 model fits a man's 16+ shoe and has a patented Trim Line™. You simply cut away a portion of the overshoe to make the opening bigger.

Grips Overshoes Defined Heel
There's a 2" defined arch and a defined heel.

Your crew can climb more safely with Grips because they have a defined heel and the soles are not slippery on ladder rungs.

You have the freedom to choose just the right work shoes... the most comfortable... most durable... with the best safety features and know that you also have fantastic slip resistant shoes whenever you need them and they'll even last longer. Don't Grips just make good common sense?

If you're not concerned about protecting you shoes from getting wet you should consider Grips-Lite Slip Resistant Shoe Attachments. They have the same great traction and are less expensive.

Grips... like all Winter Walking slip resistant footwear... are proudly manufactured in the United States!

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Grips JD912 4" Overshoes

grips Ice Cleats Overshoes Model JD912
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$49.97 /pr.*
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Fits Shoe Sizes
Grips Sizes
Black Only
14 - 15½
12 - 13½
10 - 11½
12 - 13½
7½ - 9½
9½ - 11½
6 - 7
8 - 9
4 - 5½
6 - 7½

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