"Spiderz have a unique design and use a new proprietary compound
to minimize falls in food processing and save you money in two ways..."
If you don't need something as heavy duty and plan to use them over regular shoes or sneakers,
click here to find out about Traction 360°™...
  • Spiderz were designed to improve traction in slippery conditions typically found in food processing including plant operations, kitchens, restaurants and cafeterias. Spiderz Tread
    • The proprietary compound is designed to give you significantly increased traction on oily/wet conditions and on smooth metal surfaces.
    • Hydroplaning is minimized because the waffle sole design has recessed channels combined with dozens of leading edges that channel liquids and other contaminants away from the sole.
    • The slip resistant tread spans the entire width of the shoe which is a big advantage over most competing brands.
    • They're slip resistant on all the slippery floor conditions you would expect in food processing. But their usefulness is not limited to food processing ...
      Slippery Condition:
      Oil and Grease
      Animal Fats
      Water and Other Liquids
      Soaps and Waxes  
  • Spiderz Patented Dual Pull Tab You simply and easily stretch them over almost all your work shoes, regular shoes and sneakers.
    • They have a patented DUAL PULL TAB™ Design so you can use two hands to stretch them over your footwear. This is helpful for anyone but is particularly useful for older people or people with weakness in their arms or hands. Competing products have a single pull tab or loop so you can only use one hand to stretch them.
    • The patented DUAL DENSITY™ Design makes them easier to stretch than competing brands.
    • They're uni-foot so there is no left or right to identify.
  • They securely stay on your shoes because...
    • The bell shaped front straps is the most secure way to keep shoe attachments on shoes.
    • The heel strap design has a ridge on the inside that catches in the space between the sole of you shoe and the upper.
    • The straps are flat instead of round or oval which provides more surface area and friction to resist slipping.
  • They're a great investment because they're extremely durable and resist damage from exposure to harsh chemicals.
  • You save money...
    • By avoiding costs associated with slips and falls.
    • You don't have to buy slip resistant shoes for every employee because they can simply share Spiderz on different shifts. And unlike slip resistant shoes your employees can't forget them because they never leave the premises. They just make good business sense.
  • Exceeds ASSE/ANSI A1264.2-2001 Standard for the Provision of Slip Resistance on Walking/Working Surfaces.
Spiderz Shoe Attachments  for Food Processing
$32.97 /pr.
They just slip right over your regular footwear in seconds. They're perfect for visitors and temporary employees as well as regular employees.
Spiderz on Sneaker
They make almost any shoe an excellent slip resistant shoe for wet, greasy floors and fit a wide range of shoe sizes up to Men's Size 14+.
Spiderz Shoe Attachment Front Straps

Spiderz Shoe Attachments Model: JD3604 

$32.97 /pr.

Spiderz JD3604 image
Volume Discount
3 to 5 Pair = 5%
6 Pairs or More = 8%
Note: Quantity includes any combination of sizes and models unless noted otherwise.
They'll fit most shoes and boots according to the following size chart...
Fits Shoe Sizes
Black Only
12 - 13½
10½ - 11½
8 - 10
10½ - 12
6 - 7½
7½ - 10
4 - 5½
6 - 7

Spiderz Strap Kit™ (1 Pair)
Ankle Strap Kit™ Model: JD3800 Fits All Sizes

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