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AltraGrips-Lite Ice Cleats

Low Profile LP JD3615

High Profile HP JD36159

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"They have unique, patented features that make them perfect for delivery drivers..."
Looking for all the great features of AltraGrips-Lite Ice Cleats but want something to protect your shoes and boots?
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AltraGrips-Lite Ice Cleats on Boots
AltraGrips-Lite on Boots
AltraGrips-Lite Ice Cleats Bottom
AltraGrips-Lite Ice Cleats Front
AltraGrips-Lite Ice Cleats Dual Pull Tabs
AltraGrips-Lite Close Up
AltraGrips-Lite Ice Cleats on Dress Shoes
AltraGrips-Lite Ice Cleats on Sneakers
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Note: Quantity includes any combination of sizes.
Important! Low-Pro Ice Cleats are an exciting new and recommended alternative to AltraGrips-Lite Low Profile and High-Pro Ice Cleats a recommended alternative to AltraGrips-Lite High Profile.

Sizing Help

There are two methods to select the correct size...
  1. Obviously you can go by the shoe sizes. But the actual size of the shoe or boot can vary greatly for the same show size. So here's another way to check.
  2. Measure the length of the shoe or boot you want to put AltraGrips-Lite on. Then select the size AltraGrips-Lite with a length about 1.5 inches SHORTER than the length of your shoe or boot... because you want it to stretch.
    Method 2 Illustrated...
Fits Shoe Sizes
(Based on Work Shoes)
Men's Women's Footwear
Length Range
in Inches*
15+ --- 14½" - 15½" XXL
13 - 14½ --- 14" < 14½" XL
10 - 12½ 12+ 13¼" < 14" L
8 - 9½ 10 - 11½ 12½" < 13¼" M
5 - 7½ 7 -9½ 10¾" < 12½" S
--- 4½ -6½ 10" < 10¾" XS
* Measured on the bottom of your shoe or boot from the tip of the toe to the base of the heel.
Ankle Strap Kit*
Model: JD3800
Fits All Sizes
$4.47 /pr.
*Not included in
Volume Discount
1 mm Studs

2 mm Studs


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  • Available in Two Models
    • Low Profile 1mm Studs (JD3615) Can Be Worn Indoors
    • High Profile 2mm Studs (JD36159) for Maximum Traction
  • Studs are Durable Tungsten Carbide
  • Permanent Studs are More Comfortable Than Replaceable Studs
  • 1-Piece Molded Proprietary Rubber Compound
    • Extremely Durable
    • Resists Chemicals and Other Contaminants
    • Has No Memory and Never Stretches Out of Shape.
    • Stays Flexible At Low Temperatures
  • Aggressive Tread Pattern is Self-Cleaning and Provides Traction in Snow, Slush and Mud
  • Easy On / Easy Off
    • Patented Dual Pull Tabs
    • Patented Dual Density Construction
    • Uni-Foot Design (No Left... No Right)
  • Versatile
    • Fits Over All Types of Shoes and Boots
    • Provide traction on several slippery conditions
    • Low Profile Can Be Safely Worn Indoors
    • Can Be Safely Worn While Driving
  • Patented Open Design
    • Keeps feet cooler than AltraGrips Overshoes
    • Stay Securely on Footwear
    • Lightweight & Compact
  • Sizes: XS - XXL
  • Made in the USA


Help for Deciding Between the Low Profile and High Profile Models.

AltraGrips Low Profile are a compromise between convenience and optimum performance.

  • They are for people who are:
    • Not physically capable of removing them and putting them back on every time they go in and out of doors.
    • Delivery drivers or people living or working in an urban environment where the shear frequency of going in and out of doors or on or off of buses and trains make it totally impractical to wear regular ice cleats.
  • The downside of the Low Profile is that:
    • The 1mm studs... while they profile excellent traction in most instances... will never give you the same traction as the 2mm studs. And if you have to traverse steep hills I would definitely opt for the 2mm studs since it so much easier to lose traction on a hill... often no matter what size studs are on your feet. That's especially true if there is loose snow and depending on the type of loose snow covering the ice. Once you lose traction it's tough to get it back. So you want the bigger studs to prevent losing traction in the first place and to have the best chance of regaining traction if you lose it.
    • The 1mm tungsten carbide studs are durable but obviously will wear out twice as fast as the 2mm studs given the same set of conditions.

Altragrips-Lite High Profile provide the best possible traction on ice and snow. The downside is that you will have the inconvenience of having to take them off and put them back on every time you go in and out of doors.

My overall recommendation is that if you can possibly live with taking them off and putting them back on... and you are disciplined whereby you will use them and not opt not to wear them because they're too much trouble... you go with the 2mm High Profile since the goal is to prevent slipping and injuring yourself.

AltraGrips-Lite Stud Side View
AltraGrips 1mm Stud AltraGrips-Lite 2mm Stud
  1mm Studs
(Low Profile)
2mm Studs
(High Profile)
Slippery Condition: ExcellentGood Excellent Good
Ice X   X  
Snow and Slush   X X  
Animal Fats   X   X
Chemicals   X   X
Water and Other Liquids   X   X
Mud Not Recommended   X
Safe for Driving   X(1)   X(1)
Use Indoors   X Not Recommended
(1) It is the responsibility of the Safety Manager or the Individual to make the final decision regarding whether it is safe to drive while wearing any ice traction device.

AltraGrips-Lite do not have to be removed when going indoors or when driving when ordered with the low profile 1mm studs.

That's because both the studs and treads make contact with the surface giving you traction on ice and snow as well as smooth dry and wet surfaces.

They're easy to put on your shoes or boots.

  • Simply place the toe of your shoe in the front strap.
  • Then you grab the two rear, textured Dual Pull Tabs , a patented Winter Walking exclusive feature, pulling the heel strap out, back and over the heel. AltraGrips-Lite Ice Cleats Patented Dual Pull Tabs

    It's also easier because of Winter Walking's Dual Density Design. The rubber between the front of the shoe and the heel... where there is little or no wear... is thinner making the device easier to stretch.

    Dual Density™ Construction

  • They're uni-foot so you don't have to worry about left or right.

Patented features make sure AltraGrips-Lite stay on your shoes and boots.

  • The bell shape design that fits over the entire front of the shoe or boot is the best way to keep an ice traction device securely in place. The flat strap design is better than a round or oval strap because it provides more surface area and therefore more friction to keep it from slipping.AltraGrips-Lite Ice Cleats Front Toe Strap
  • The patented heel design has a ridge that catches between the heel and the upper to help keep it from slipping down and off.
  • The straps are flat... not round like the straps on many competing products... which provides more surface area and friction to prevent slipping.
Note: AltraGrips-Lite stay securely on your footwear. But I recommend the optional Ankle Strap Kit to provide additional assurance that the it won't come off your shoes or boots especially if you're walking through deep, wet snow.

There are 8 strategically placed tungsten carbide studs on each device for a total of 16 studs.

  • Tungsten carbide studs are far more durable than the carbon steel studs found on most competing products.
  • The studs are distributed so that at least one aggressive stud will likely be in contact with the ground no matter how uneven the surface.
    Bottom View of AltraGrips-Lite Ice Cleats
    The aggressive tread design gives them good traction in snow and slush.
  • The patented heel stud is extremely important because your heel is the first thing to strike the ground when you take a normal step. This allows you to walk normally. Many ice and snow traction devices force you to walk more flat-footed. Since that's not normal you tend to forget. And one misplaced step can cause you to slip and fall.
  • Spikes are not replaceable. But replaceable spikes are necessarily thicker and can cause discomfort for some people... like standing on marbles... especially over long periods of time. If you're interested in an almost identical product with replaceable spikes check out Grip-X Ice Cleats. Click here to Compare Grip-X Ice Cleats to AltraGrips-Lite High Profile (HP) Ice Cleats

How to Put AltraGrips-Lite On Your Shoes

How to Put AltraGrips-Lite On
  • With studs facing away from your foot, insert our toe into the front toe straps and pull to make it snug up tight against the front of your shoe or boot.
  • Grip the left and right dual pull tabs with your left and right hands respectively.
  • Pull the device backward and then upward securely on to the heel.
  • Check to make sure the studs are positioned correctly before walking on ice and snow.
VERY IMPORTANT! When properly installed on your shoes, the heel spike should be positioned close to the base of your heel where your heel hits the ground when you take a normal step.
  • If the front bell shaped straps are not pulled all the way back against the front of your footwear and there is space between the front of your shoe and the front bell straps, the heel spike may be positioned too far forward and not positioned where you heel strikes the ground. Your foot could slip forward and out from under you and you could fall.
  • If the front bell shaped housing is pulled all the way back against the front of your shoe and there is no space between the strap and your shoe and the heel spike is still not just behind the base of the heel the AltraGrips-Lite size is too small for the footwear.
  • While important for everyone it is particularly import for people using a guide dog because they're trained to walk with emphasis on the heel striking the ground.

How to Install the Optional Ankle Straps

Do the Low Profile AltraGrips-Lite wear out quickly because the stud is so small?

It hasn't been a problem. They'll obviously wear out faster than the 2mm High Profile model given that they're used in similar circumstances. I had one customer review reporting that the studs wore out quickly. But it depends upon your weight, what your walking on and how often you use them. I use them and I'm on my third season and I know of others with the same experience.

Can I wear AltraGrips-Lite while I sit at my desk?

No, I don't recommend it if your floor is made from a soft material. While you can occasionally walk on this kind surface in grocery stores or wherever, constantly having your feet at the same spot with the inherent grinding, twisting motion your feet naturally make when you swivel on your chair will scratch the floor over time.

How do AltraGrips-Lite work for food processing or for delivery to restaurants?

They work great for traction in walk-in freezers. But you have to be careful when walking across floors that have a film of fats and oils on them like those found in many kitchens. AltraGrips-Lite are primarily designed for traction on ice and snow. The material is hard and designed for good wear. The treads themselves are large and aggressive for traction in snow. The secret to traction on smooth, greasy or oily kitchen floors is our Spiderz™ shoe attachments that use a softer material with a higher coefficient of traction with lots of leading edges.

AltraGrips-Lite Low Profile

3 Star Product Rating3 / 5 Stars
"Application: Delivery Drivers. We have a good mix of both young and older drivers. 50% of the older drivers do not change. The newer younger drivers accept them more. They all say that they periodically have to readjust the toe because they slip. There is no way to prevent this no matter how tight they are." , Hooksett, NH 07/11/14
2 Star Product Rating2 / 5 Stars
"The spikes wear quickly." , 07/11/14
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"Application: Personal Use. I am very happy to have my AltraGrips Lites. It was a long hard icy winter last year in NYC and I always felt MUCH safer wearing them. I bought them because I had taken a hard fall at the first icy snowstorm in mid-December, and a friend recommended them. Yes, they are great for many indoor floors... virtually any public space in NYC: supermarkets, our church, the public school. No, I cannot wear them inside my own home on the bare hardwood floor, and had to set up a series of little rugs to get from when I put my boots on to the door. They did the job of keeping me from any more falls! Yes, as it explained on the website, the cleats are very shallow, so they're perfect on ice and a thin coat of snow, but not great on deep packed snow, but the convenience of being able to come and go between indoors and out is worth that feature. Not super easy to get them onto and off my boots, because the extra strap that one purchases separately to hold them in place is bar" , New York, NY 07/10/14
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"Application: Personal Use. Ann Arbor suffered its worst winter since 1978 this year (2013-2014). My AltraGrips-Lite were on my feet for weeks after we had a brief warm up and then refreeze that prevented chemical ice melters from working. In the past, I had used Yaktrax Walkers and put them on as needed, but in a situation where you had them on from the time you left the house till you were sitting at your desk, the AltraGrips were the right answer. No problems driving in them. No problems with slipping on various surfaces. No problems with marring floors. They are a bit harder to put on then the Yaktrax (I needed to sit down). They are also harder to pack away." , Ann Arbor, MI 07/10/14
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"I love my AltraGrips. they are all I had hoped they would be. They are easy to put on and take off, give me security on icy surfaces and yet are very easy to walk with on bare floors, wherever I find them. I do think the ankle straps are a good idea, to rid one of any concern that they might come off when walking. As far as comfort - once I have them on I forget they are even there. I have told several friends and family members about them. Thank you so much for your terrific video online. It was very thorough. You can count on me continuing to tell people about this product." , Twinsburg, OH
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"They work great on the ice and don't need to be removed when going in subways or stores with hard surfaces. My husband loves them. They are perfect for someone who doesn't want to muck about in messy and sub-zero temperatures taking them on and off over and over." , Pointe Claire, QC
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"I have successfully walked indoors but would still be very careful on better floors, even with the low profile choices." , Portland, ME
NOTE: You have to exercise good judgement in deciding what floors to walk on. When I talk about wearing them indoors I'm again talking about the floors found in most commercial or public establishments.
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"They work great on the ice and don't need to be removed when going in subways or stores with hard surfaces. My husband loves them. They are perfect for someone who doesn't want to muck about in messy and sub-zero temperatures taking them on and off over and over." , Plymouth, MN
1 Star Product Rating 1 / 5 Stars
"THEY DID NOT WORK!!! My husband went out the door in an icy snowy weather with AltraGrips on. He fell a few times and needed to crawl back to put on his old Yaktrax" , Halcottsville, NY
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"They work very well - no slipping on black ice, I can wear them in the house on wood or carpeted floors. I can wear them to drive. I don't worry about falling on ice remaining on ground after a freeze." , Columbus, OH
NOTE: I DO NOT recommend wearing them on finished wood floors.
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"These did what they were advertised to do: they were easy to put on and take off; they did well on most indoor floors and they kept me from slipping on the icy Pittsburgh sidewalks. A good product and worth it for someone who walks a lot in winter." , Pittsburgh, PA
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"So far, I haven't had a lot of really bad ice to test them on, but they're doing very well on hard-pack snow and the snow/ice blend we have so often around here. They clack on hard floors like tap shoes, but I have felt safe on store floors and in my garage, which are the only places I've worn them so far. Driving is no problem at all; I feel really safe wearing them to drive. I leave them on one pair of boots. I'll put those on, hop in the car with the dog, go out to the dog park, walk around securely, stop to run an errand or two on the way home, then take off the boots at home. No damage or skidding anywhere. " , Eau Claire, WI
5 Star Product Rating 5 / 5 Stars
"I intended traveling through "cold country" in winter to visit family and was fearful of slipping on ice. I searched the internet for some kind of footwear over shoes that could help my traction on ice and snow. I was delighted to find AltraGrips-Lite. I called the store to confirm the correct size and level of grip best for my needs. I wear 13 ½ wide. I wanted to wear the cleats from car-to-store-and-back-again without needing to remove the footwear between stores. The company owner, Nolan, advised the perfect solution for me. My order was drop-shipped to my destination and arrived exactly on time. The very next day a snow storm gave me the opportunity to try them out for a real world test. The AltraGrips worked perfectly for me as advertised. I could even wear them indoors without damaging the floor tiles of the stores I visited. The AltraGrips are easy and quick to install and remove and stay on snugly while walking. Even though I could feel the grips they were not uncomfortable. I will always travel with these cleats in a Ziploc baggie in my carry-on bag because I've experienced unseasonal freezes while traveling. Caution: Do not wear these cleats on home flooring unless you stay on carpet. " , Edmond, OK

AltraGrips-Lite High Profile

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