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"Nothing is more injury-prone than mopping, stripping, and waxing floors. Nothing is better than GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS overshoes for keeping you safer, protecting your shoes and feet, and increasing your productivity. Read this page to find out why."
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GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON are waterproof protective overshoes that
GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON are Floor Stripping Protective Boots (Also know as Floor Stripping Overshoes). GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON protect your shoes and keep your feet healthier by keeping them dry and your skin from coming in contact with potentially toxic floor stripping chemicals because they're waterproof.

You're one preventable slip and fall away from discovering just how expensive less expensive floor stripping shoe covers can be. Get the best. Get GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS. Why would you settle for anything less?


  • Latex Upper
    • durable and long-lasting;
    • waterproof to protect your shoes and to keep you healthier by keeping feet dry and by preventing toxic chemicals from coming in contact with your skin;
    • chemical-resistant;
    • fits over normal shoes and sneakers; and
  • Bottom
    • proprietary, patented, fibrous woven material
    • gives you far superior traction to competing products using the same material as the stripping pad,
    • will not damage floors;
    • durable and long-lasting;
    • chemical-resistant;
    • easy to clean to prevent "caking";
    • the pad is permanently glued to the upper reducing the chance of detachment and becoming a tripping hazard; and
    • has a defined heel that makes it safer for you to climb ladders.
  • Fits Shoes Up To 12½+
  • SKU: 2
  • MPN: JD2226
  • Made in TAIWAN


  • GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON floor stripping overshoes exclusive, proven features reduce slips and falls and improve productivity while mopping, stripping and waxing floors.
  • Proprietary woven material bottoms give you better grip and outlast competing floor stripping boots.
  • Eliminates the need for floor stripping shoes.
  • Durable, waterproof four inch latex uppers resists chemicals, protects your shoes, and keeps your feet dry and healthy by preventing contact with harmful toxic chemicals.

GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON Give You Better Traction and Last longer Than Competing Floor Stripping Boots

GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON have bottom pads made from an exclusive new fibrous woven vinyl material that
  • temporarily sponges away water as well as gripping the floor;
  • is non-abrasive and won't damage floors; and
  • finally, lasts for years because
    • they're easy to clean so they don't cake up, and
    • the material is incredibly durable.
GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON floor stripping overshoes patented woven pad material

Competing stripping overshoes use the same vinyl loop material used for stripping pads. They do tend to cake up, making them ineffective quickly.

Bottom pads are Securely Glued and Safer Than Stripping Overshoes With Replaceable Pads

The bottom pads can't come loose or come off while you're stripping floors. GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON's long-lasting bottom pads make replacement pads unnecessary.

Latex Is a Good Material for Floor Stripping Overshoes

Latex is chemical-resistant and waterproof . Therefore, your shoes and feet are completely protected. Protecting your crew's shoes and feet significantly helps to improve morale. GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON protect both their shoes and their feet from exposure to the harsh chemicals used to strip floors.

Note: GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON are a lower cost alternative to the original GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS.

  • Both use the same effective slip-resistant material in the gripping pads.
  • Both have an overshoe design that fully protects your shoes.
  • The primary difference is that GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON uses a lower cost latex compound for the uppers that is less durable and less chemical-resistant. Winter Walking estimates that the service life for regular GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS to be 3 to 4 years whereby the service life for GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON is 1 to 2 years.
  • Latex is far more difficult to slide on your footwear, particularly on heavier shoes.
  • GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS fit larger shoe sizes.


  • You can work faster and more efficiently because your not constantly struggling to keep your footing.
  • The cushioning effect of the foot pad reduces fatigue.
  • Maintenance schedules are maintained because GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON keep key personnel injury-free and working.

GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON Reduce Back Injuries from Bending Over to Spot Clean

Simply use the pad on the bottom of your overshoe to quickly scrub away stubborn spots without bending over.

Climbing Ladders Is Safer

GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON have a defined heel.


Stripping, Mopping, and Waxing Floors

If your problem is slippery wet conditions in kitchens or other food preparation areas, look at STABIL GRIPPERS. STABIL GRIPPERS are designed to give you the best traction on wet floors and animal fats. If the slippery condition is wet smooth cement in a garage or maintenance area consider GRIPS-LITE JD6612.

GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON Provide Traction On More Than Wet Floors

Slippery Condition: Excellent Good
Soaps & Waxes X  
Water & Other Liquids X  
Oil & Grease   X
Animal Fats   X
Chemicals   X
Ease of On/Off   X
Safe for Driving?   X
Not Recommended for Outdoor Use

GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON Frequently Asked Questions

GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON are slightly more expensive compared to other floor stripping overshoes. Are they really worth it?

I suppose the real question is are you worth it. That's because many of the injuries people get affect more than just your income, which is certainly bad enough. However, many times the injuries have other life-long negative implications for;

  • playing sports;
  • hunting, fishing, and other hobbies;
  • activities with your family;
  • causing pain while sitting, walking, or laying in bed;
  • and lastly, generally negatively impacting your, and your family's, entire quality of life.

I can't guarantee you won't fall wearing GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON. Nobody can. I can guarantee you won't find better floor stripping overshoes to limit your risk of slipping and getting injured. And, if a fall does happen, you'll never have to second guess that if you had just bought the best product, GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS, you could have prevented the injury.

In conclusion, I think you are worth it. That's why I only sell what I sincerely believe are the best floor stripping overshoes.

Do GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON work with all floor stripping chemicals?
No. I've sold thousands of GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS and GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON over 10 years. I had three cases where the NEITHER GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS did nothing to improve traction and two times when the pad adhesive was incompatible with the stripping chemical causing them to come loose. Therefore, you have very little risk that GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS won't work for you.
  • The primary difference is durability. The pads are, and the traction is the same. However, the PVC used in GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON is more resistant to harsh chemicals than the latex compound used in GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON.
  • GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS have a defined heel that makes them safer to climb ladders.
    • They offer more protection for your shoes because they're higher. Latex is more elastic than PVC. Making GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS higher would make them difficult to put on.
    • They're less expensive.
Can GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON be used for traction on wet floors in food processing?
No. The porous woven pads could breed bacteria. StabilGrippers is a better choice.

GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON Usage and Care Instructions

GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON are both easy to clean and durable usually lasting two years with proper maintenance and care. Here's how.
  1. Check for Proper Sizing - Try your pair of GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON on and make sure that they're comfortable and the correct size before using them.
  2. Walk with Caution - While your GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON is designed to increase traction, it's crucial that you proceed with the utmost caution when walking on any slick surface.
  3. Clean Regularly - Remove any wax buildup by washing your GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON with warm water and soap.
  4. Check for Wear - Always check the soles of your GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON for wear and tear. If the soles are flattened, immediately remove them from service.
Do you still have questions?
Call me at 610-670-2549
Be Very Careful When You Compare Prices

That's because some vendors do not clearly differentiate between GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS ECON and the original GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS calling both GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS.

GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON is a lower-cost, less-durable version of the far more durable original GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS. The ECON model

Having said that, many customers have had success using the lower cost GRIPPERS FOR STRIPPERS-ECON. Furthermore, the ECON model is still far superior to competing floor stripping overshoes.

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