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Winter Walking Heel Grips Strap-On Heel Ice Cleats for Boots JD250

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27.97 /pr.
Winter Walking JD250 Heel Grips Heel Ice Cleats on Boots
Winter Walking JD250 Heel Grips Heel Ice Cleats on Boots
Winter Walking JD250 Heel Grips Heel Ice Cleats Side
Winter Walking JD250 Heel Grips Ice Heel Ice Cleats Closeup
Winter Walking JD250 Heel Grips Heel Ice Cleats JD250 Bottom
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27.97 /pr.


Sizing Help

  1. Obviously you can go by the shoe sizes. But the actual size of the shoe or boot can vary greatly for the same foot size. So option 2 below is a better way to select the correct size.
  2. Measure the length of the shoe or boot you want to put the ice cleat on. Then find the size on the sizing chart with the Footwear Length Range that includes the length of your footwear.

Sizing Chart

Fits Shoe Sizes
(Based on Workshoes)
Men's Women's Sizes
12 - 14½---XL
9½ - 11½11½+L
7 - 99 - 11M
4 - 6½6 - 8½S
Buy Heel Grips Bulky Boot Strap Extender*
Fits All Sizes
5.00 /pr.
Heel Grips Replacement Straps*
Fits All Sizes
$5.00 /pr.
*Not included in
Volume Discount
*Not included in Volume Discount
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  • Why Buy Heel Grips Here?
Heel Grips heel cleats...
  • reduce slips and falls on ice, snow, packed snow and black ice; and
  • are low cost, compact, lightweight and fit all types of shoes and boots.
Use strap-on heel cleats when full size ice cleats are not an option. This would include situations whereby limiting the cleats to the heel section of shoes or boots...
  • insures compliance with company safety directives prohibiting wearing anything on footwear that might somehow inhibit operating foot controls while driving;
  • fully exposes the defined heel on shoes and boots to make climbing ladders safer; and
  • lastly, reduces the risk of slipping off foot rests while operating snowmobiles and ATVs or pedals while biking on snow and ice.
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Strap-on heel ice cleats serve double duty. They...

  • prevent the heel from slipping; and
  • in addition, they also have to provide sufficient traction to prevent your footwear from twisting especially on uneven ice.

This is why you'll appreciate the professional quality features Winter Walking has incorporated into Heel Grips® ice cleats. It's the culmination of over 40 years' experience in manufacturing industry-standard professional ice cleats. Heel Grips stand out from the competition. You'll get the best possible traction from a heel ice cleat because...

  • there are 10 well-distributed 2mm tungsten carbide studs... five on each Heel Grip;
  • tungsten carbide studs are the hardest and most durable far exceeding the life of carbon steel studs found in most competing products;
  • the stud design assures that they will remain equally aggressive and effective throughout the life of your Heel Grips.
  • well-positioned studs assure the maximum number of studs will make contact on uneven ice;
  • studs are molded into place and insure maximum reliability and durability;
  • an aggressive, self-cleaning tread ensures traction in deep snow;
  • replaceable straps...
    • easily and quickly adjust for use on all your footwear; and
    • extend the life of your Heel Grips;
  • fit bulky boots by purchasing the optional strap extension;
  • Heel Grips add no noticeable weight to your footwear because each Heel Grip weighs less than 4oz.; and
  • lastly, you'll always have them with you because they easily fit into your pocket or glove compartment.

Use outdoors only.

Sizes: S, M, L, Xl and XXL

Slippery Condition:ExcellentGoodN/A
Snow and Slush X 
Black IceX  
Fats  X
Chemicals  X
Oil  X
Soaps  X
Water and Other LiquidsX  
Safe for Driving Yes 
Use Indoors No 
  • Transportation and Trucking
  • Freight Companies
  • Delivery
  • Automotive Retailing and Servicing
  • DOTs
  • Municipalities
  • Hotels and Casinos
  • Snowmobiling
  • ATVs
  • Biking
Always thoroughly inspect any ice cleat before using.

Are heel ice cleats as effective as full ice cleats?

No. If you can use a full ice cleat that has studs on both the front and heel you should use them. High Pro and Low Pro ice cleats are highly recommended. In my opinion heel ice cleats are a compromise and should only used when there is a compelling reason regarding other risk avoidance or practicality not to wear full size ice cleats. Here's why...

When you walk normally your heel is the first thing to make contact with the ground. But it's also true that when walking normally there can be a fraction of a second when neither heel is on... or at least fully... on the ground and no stud makes contact with the ice when wearing heel ice cleats. That's when the studs on the forefoot of the shoe with a full-size ice cleat play a major role in stopping you from slipping.

It's so incredibly important that you get the best heel ice cleats with the rear studs positioned as far to the base of the heel as possible and that those studs be as sharp, reliable, aggressive and instantaneously effective as possible and that the heel ice cleat be rock solid on your footwear. That's why I sell and recommend Heel Grips.

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