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Winter Walking High-Pro Ice Cleats JD6625-L
Large ( L )

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Winter Walking High-Pro Ice Cleats JD6625 on Boots
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Winter Walking High-Pro Ice Cleats JD6625 on Boots
Winter Walking High-Pro Ice Cleats JD6625 on Boots
Winter Walking High-Pro Ice Cleats JD6625 Dual Material
Winter Walking High-Pro Ice Cleats JD6625 Front
Winter Walking High-Pro Ice Cleats JD6625 Back
Winter Walking High-Pro Ice Cleats JD6625 Side
Winter Walking High-Pro Ice Cleats JD6625 Inside View
Size: L
Fits Shoe Sizes
(Based on Work Shoes)
Men's Women's Footwear
Length Range
in Inches*
13½+ --- 13¾" - 14¼" XXL
11½ - 13 --- 13" < 13¾" XL
9½ - 11 12+ 12½" < 13" L
7 - 9 9 - 11 11½" < 12½" M
5 - 6½ 7 - 8½ 10¾" < 11½" S
* Measured on the bottom of your shoe or boot from the tip of the toe to the base of the heel.

Sizing Help

There are two methods to select the correct size...
  1. Obviously you can go by the shoe sizes. But the actual size of the shoe or boot can vary greatly for the same foot size. So option 2 below is a better way to select the correct size.
  2. Measure the length of the shoe or boot you want to put the ice cleat on. Then find the size on the sizing chart with the Footwear Length Range that includes the length of your footwear.

Do I need the Ankle Straps?

Winter Walking Ice Cleats fit securely on most shoes and boots. Most people do not need or use the Ankle Strap. But if you walk through deep snow (especially wet snow) or mud you should consider the Ankle Strap.
The Ankle Strap also reduces the risk that you would lose one. Winter Walking Ice Cleats are very comfortable. You may not notice if one is missing until you've traveled some distance or worse yet slip and fall.
Ankle Strap Kit*
Fits All Sizes
$4.47 /pr.
*Not included in Volume Discount
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  • 26 aggressive, well-distributed, durable 2mm tungsten carbide studs deliver unparalleled grip on ice and black ice.
  • Aggressive, self-cleaning treads provide traction in deep snow and slush while assuring studs stay in contact with icy surfaces.
  • Wide straps and several exclusive patented features keep High-Pros securely on footwear and properly aligned.
  • Patented Dual Pull Tabs and Dual Density Construction and proprietary strap material make them easy to put on and take off even at extremely low temperatures.
  • Exclusive patented dual material construction provides unmatched durability and reliability.
  • 26 2mm Tungsten Carbide Studs 
    • provide excellent traction on ice and black ice;
    • are more studs than on any other stretch traction device; and
    • are molded in for greater retention and durability.
  • Tungsten carbide studs last far longer and stay sharper than the carbon steel spikes found in most competing ice cleats.
  • Patented heel spike allows walking naturally without using any new, special skills.
  • Studs are designed to stay uniformly sharp throughout their useful life.
  • Permanent studs are more comfortable than replaceable studs. Note: Grip-X Ice Cleats are the exception because they have comfortable, patented, flat replaceable spikes.
  • 1-Piece Molded Proprietary Synthetic Compound Straps 
    • are extremely durable;
    • resistant to chemicals and other contaminants;
    • have no memory and never stretch out of shape;
    • stay flexible at low temperatures; and
    • have a unique characteristic that grips the surface of your footwear to prevent it from slipping out of alignment.
  • Sole/Heel (colored) material is harder material than upper stretch portion so sole/heel have greater abrasion resistance and durability while upper has greater stretch.
  • The dimpled foot bed grabs the bottom of your shoe or boot to prevent the device from sliding out of place.
  • Aggressive tread pattern is self-cleaning and provides traction in snow, slush and mud.
  • Wide Straps provide large surface areas to keep the ice cleats properly aligned.
  • Multiple ridges on the inside of the heel strap help prevent ice cleats from slipping off the back of your heel.
  • Easy On / Easy Off because...
    • patented Dual Pull Tabs make it easier to grab hold of the ice cleats while stretching them over your shoes and boots;
    • patented Dual Density Construction makes it easier to stretch; and
    • Uni-Foot Design (No Left... No Right) eliminates the hassle of having to locate the left or right cleat.
  • Versatile because 
    • it fits over all types of shoes and boots;
    • it provides traction in all slippery winter conditions; and
    • it's safe to wear while driving.
  • Patented Open Design 
    • stays securely on footwear; and
    • is lightweight & compact.
  • Bright colors facilitate compliance monitoring.
  • Sizes: Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL), Extra Extra Large (XXL)
  • Model: JD6625
  • Made in the Taiwan
  • Anyone Who Wants the Best Easy On/Easy Off Ice and Snow Traction Cleats on the Market.
  • Recommended for Consumers and Businesses
Slippery Condition:ExcellentGoodN/A
Snow and Slush X 
Black Ice X    
Fats  X
Chemicals  X
Oil  X
Soaps  X
Water and Other Liquids  X 
MudNot Recommended
Safe for Driving X 
Use Indoors  No 

High-Pro Ice Cleats be safely worn while driving.

Note: While the manufacturer feels they are save to wear while driving, it is ultimately the responsibility of the individual or Safety Manager to determine that they are safe to wear while driving.

They're easy to put on your shoes or boots.

  • Simply place the toe of your shoe in the front strap.
  • Then you grab the two rear, textured Dual Pull Tabs , a patented Winter Walking exclusive feature, pulling the heel strap out, back and over the heel.

    It's also easier because of Winter Walking's Dual Density Design. The rubber between the front of the shoe and the heel... where there is little or no wear... is thinner making the device easier to stretch.

    Dual Density™ Construction
  • They're uni-foot so you don't have to worry about left or right.

Patented features make sure they stay on your shoes and boots.

  • The bell shape design that fits over the entire front of the shoe or boot is the best way to keep an ice traction device securely in place. The flat strap design is better than a round or oval strap because it provides more surface area and therefore more friction to keep it from slipping.
  • The patented heel design has a ridges that catches between the heel and the upper to help keep it from slipping down and off.
Note: High-Pro stay securely on your footwear.

There are 13 strategically placed tungsten carbide studs on each device for a total of 26 studs.

  • Tungsten carbide studs are far more durable than the carbon steel studs found on most competing products.
  • The Stud distribution guarantees that at least one aggressive stud will likely be in contact with the ground no matter how uneven the surface.
    The aggressive, self-cleaning tread design gives them good traction in snow and slush.
  • The patented heel stud is extremely important because your heel is the first thing to strike the ground when you take a normal step. This allows you to walk normally. Many ice and snow traction devices force you to walk more flat-footed. Since that's not normal you tend to forget. And one misplaced step can cause you to slip and fall.
  • Spikes are not replaceable. But the mounting mechanism required with replaceable spikes makes them thicker and can cause discomfort for some people... like standing on marbles... especially over long periods of time.

Bright Colors

Makes compliance monitoring easier.

Aggregate Review

Aggregate Ratings
5.00 / 5
Based on 3 Reviews
Overall Satisfaction?
Easy to put on and take Off?
How well do they stay on your footwear?
Safe to wear while driving?
Quality of materials and workmanship?
Quality of materials and workmanship?

5.00Paul W. 02/03/16

How are they being used?
Personal Use
Overall Rating?
(5 / 5 Stars)
Easy to put on and take Off?
Safe to wear while driving?
Did not try.
How well do they stay on your footwear?
Quality of materials and workmanship?
Would you recommend them to a friend?
General Comments: These devices work very well and are very well made.
, Savanna, IL 02/03/16

5.00Paul S. 02/03/16

How are they being used?
Personal Use
Overall Rating?
(5 / 5 Stars)
Easy to put on and take Off?
Safe to wear while driving?
Did not try.
How well do they stay on your footwear?
Quality of materials and workmanship?
Would you recommend them to a friend?
General Comments: I have tried numerous other ice cleats over the years. They have either broken or started to rust. These are quality ice cleats and my hope is to get several years of wear out of them. Just this morning I was wearing them on my boots as I cleaned 9 inches of snow and ice from my driveway. They provide solid footing and I have not slipped once on my steep driveway. I highly recommend them for their performance and quality.
, Omaha, NE 02/03/16

5.00Bruce Y. 01/31/16

How are they being used?
Personal Use
Overall Rating?
(5 / 5 Stars)
Easy to put on and take Off?
Safe to wear while driving?
Did not try.
How well do they stay on your footwear?
Quality of materials and workmanship?
Would you recommend them to a friend?
General Comments: Truthfully, I can not think of one bad thing to say, period. I should have bought them years ago. I have a steep drive and shoveling and snow blowing were treacherous at times. Now, I have complete confidence in doing both. Thanks for a great product. I will replace them as soon as they wear down.
, Mansfield, OH 01/31/16
Low-Pro Ice Cleats are a compromise between convenience and optimum performance.
  • They're for people who are:
    • Not physically capable of removing them and putting them back on every time they go in and out of doors.
    • Delivery drivers or people living or working in an urban environment where the shear frequency of going in and out of doors or on or off of buses and trains make it totally impractical to wear regular ice cleats.
  • The downside of the Low-Pro is that:
    • The 1mm studs... while they profile excellent traction in most instances... will never give you the same traction as the 2mm studs found on the High-Pro . And if you have to traverse steep hills I would definitely opt for the 2mm studs since it so much easier to lose traction on a hill... often no matter what size studs are on your feet. That's especially true if there's loose snow and depending on the type of loose snow covering the ice. Once you lose traction it's tough to get it back. So you want the bigger studs to prevent losing traction in the first place and to have the best chance of regaining traction if you lose it.
    • The 1mm tungsten carbide studs are durable but obviously will wear out twice as fast as the 2mm studs given the same set of conditions.
High-Pro Ice Cleats provide the best possible traction on ice and snow. The downside is that you will have the inconvenience of having to take them off and put them back on every time you go in and out of doors.
My overall recommendation is that if you can possibly live with taking them off and putting them back on... and you are disciplined whereby you'll use them and not opt not to wear them because they're too much trouble... you go with the 2mm High-Pro since the goal is to prevent slipping and injuring yourself.
  • Don't guess about which ice cleats or shoe attachments are best for you. Expert advise is a phone call away at 888-205-4477.
  • Help is available when you need it between 7:00 AM and 11:00 PM EST.
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