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Winter Walking Spare Spike Consumer Grade Ice Cleats JD510

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24.97 /pr.
Winter Walking Spare Spike Ice Cleats JD510
Winter Walking Spare Spike Ice Cleats JD510 on Sneaker and Dress Shoe
Winter Walking Spare Spike Ice Cleats JD510 Front
Winter Walking Spare Spike Ice Cleats JD510 Back
Winter Walking Spare Spike Ice Cleats JD510 Replaceable Spikes
Winter Walking Spare Spike Ice Cleats JD510 on High Heel Boots
Spare Spike JD510
24.97 /pr.

Sizing Help

Sizes Fit Regular Shoes and Sneakers.

Select One Size Larger for Boots.

Sizing Chart

Spare Spike JD510 Sizing Chart
Spare Spike fit over most types of shoes. Sizes are based upon a regular shoe or sneaker. Select the next bigger size to fit over heavy boots.
11 - 13.5---XL
9 - 10.511+L
7 - 8.59 - 10.5M
5 - 6.57 - 8.5S
---4.5 - 6.5XS

Do I Need Ankle Straps?

Winter Walking Ice Cleats fit securely on most shoes and boots and most people do not need or use the Ankle Strap. But if you walk through deep snow (especially wet snow) or mud you should consider the Ankle Strap.
The Ankle Strap also reduces the risk that you would somehow otherwise lose one. Winter Walking Ice Cleats are very comfortable. You may not notice if one is missing until you've traveled some distance or worse yet slip and fall.
Ankle Strap Kit JD3800*
Fits All Sizes
$4.47 /pr.
*Not included in Volume Discount
6 Spikes
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  • Why Buy Spare Spike Here?
  • Spare Spike Ice Cleats are an economical solution for traction on all wintry slippery surfaces.
  • Ideal for consumers who do not have problems putting them on and taking them off for routine occasional use like a trip to the mailbox.
  • Spare Spikes keep employees safer walking across slippery parking lots.
  • You'll get years of service because Spare Spike have replaceable spikes.
  • 16 Durable, Strategically Placed, Replaceable 2mm Tungsten Carbide Spikes
    • No Special Tools Required to Replace Spikes
    • Patent Pending "Spare Spike" on the Toe of Each Ice Cleat Provides Two Extra Spikes for Immediate Emergency Repairs to Keep You Safer
  • Traction in All wintry Conditions Because the Aggressive Tread in Conjunction with Spikes Provides Traction on Ice, Packed Snow and Deep Snow, Slush and Mud.
  • Fit Over Most Footwear
    • Patented Trim Line Feature Allows Fit on High Heel Shoes and Boots
  • Easy On/Easy Off
    • Uni-foot... Left and Right Cleats are the Same
    • Remains Flexible at Low Temperatures
    • Dual Rear Pull-Tab
    • Put On/Take Off in 30 Less Than Seconds
  • Lightweight, Compact, Flexible and Foldable Design
  • Less Than 4 oz Per Foot
  • Patent Pending "Spare Spike" on Toe
  • Aggressive Tread for Deep Snow Traction
  • Sizes from XS S M L XL XXL
  • Brand: Winter Walking (a Jordan David Company)
  • JD510
  • Manufacturer: Winter Walking
  • Made in Taiwan


Winter Walking developed Spare Spike Ice Cleats because they understand the importance of protecting all the employees in your organization. They also realize that the average office worker and most non-commercial users do not need heavy duty ice cleats to keep them safe like a production worker requires.

Spare Spike Ice Cleats are lighter duty but exceptionally well designed, easy to use and constructed from quality materials that will last targeted users for years. The cost per pair is affordable so that protecting everyone in your organization from injuries resulting slips and falls on ice and snow is not only feasible but makes common sense.

Slippery Conditions

Slippery Condition:
Snow and Slush
Mud X
Ease of On/OffX 
Safe for Driving? X
Do Not Use Indoors

Who Uses Spare Spikes?

  • Trips to the mailbox
  • Taking out the garbage
  • Walking the dog
  • Safely getting to your garage
  • Getting from your car to your workplace, grocery store, drugstore or post office
  • Any routine winter activity
Need something more heavy duty? Consider High-Pro or Grip-X or IceGrips.
Most ice cleats require that you remove them before going indoors and put them back on when you go back outside. If this is a problem for you consider Low-Pro Ice Cleats or AltraGrips-Lite Low Profile.

Why is having an extra spare spike important?

Loosing a spike on an ice traction device compromises the traction of the entire device. Spare Spike ice cleats get their name because they have a spare spike on the top of the front of each ice cleat. In the unlikely event you would loose a spike you've got two spares with you to repair your ice cleats on the spot. But it's a great feature... and another example of Winter Walking's attention to detail... that sets Spare Spike ice cleats and all Winter Walking slip resistant footwear apart from the competition in keeping you safe.

Spare Spike Ice Cleats keep you safer from slips and falls in all wintry conditions.

Many competing ice cleats in this price range only protect you from slips and falls on ice and packed snow. Spare Spike Ice Cleats also keep you safer walking on deeper snow, slush and even mud.

  • The tread is aggressive and self-cleaning. This also helps to keep the spikes in contact with the ice when there is a thin layer of snow on top of the ice.
  • 8 strategically placed, durable, long-lasting 2mm tungsten carbide spikes are on each ice cleat.

They're extremely easy to use...

  • The material remains flexible at extremely low temperatures making it easy to stretch over your footwear.
  • The bell shaped front makes it easy to put on because it won't slip as easy as a strap found on many competing products.
  • The patented DUAL PULL TABS™ makes it easy to stretch over your footwear. It's a major advantage for many older folks or for anyone with weakness in their hands.
  • DUAL DENSITY - The straps are thinner in areas where they stretch over your footwear for maximum stretch and expansion. Straps are thicker in areas contacting the ground for greater durability.
  • You can put them on and take them off in less than 30 seconds.

You'll have your Spare Spikes when and where you need them...

The lightweight, compact, flexible and foldable design enables you to carry them with you when you're not wearing them. Carry them in your pocket, briefcase, glovebox, backpack or purse. You'll always be ready for that unexpected freezing rain.

You'll have your Spare Spikes when and where you need them...

The lightweight, compact, flexible and foldable design enables you to carry them with you when you're not wearing them. Carry them in your pocket, briefcase, glovebox, backpack or purse. You'll always be ready for that unexpected freezing rain.

You don't have to take them off to drive.

This is a major advantage over many competing products. Think how many times you would have to put them on and take them off in the course of running you errands?

They stay securely on your shoes and boots.

  • The housing is made from strong TPE that has better memory than rubber so that the elasticity remains strong over time to keep them snug on your footwear.
  • The front bell shaped strap goes completely over the front of the shoe.
  • The wide, textured rear strap prevents Spare Spike Ice Cleats from coming off your shoe when you walk through deep snow.
  • The textured inner surface helps keep them from slipping and shifting out of place and from buckling and possibly dislodging the cleats.

Spare Spike is one of the most durable ice cleats in it's price range.

  • They're made from a tough TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) compound that's as strong rubber but has better stretch and memory (returns to its original shape).
  • The tungsten carbide spikes are extremely durable and replaceable with a unique mounting technique that keeps them securely in place. Replacing them does not require any special tools.

They add no noticeable weight to your footwear.

They're extremely lightweight. The biggest pair weighs about 8 oz.

You can use them with spike heels and high heel boots

First of all... I don't recommend wearing any high heel footwear on ice. But... in a pinch... you can cut along the Spare Spike's patented TRIM LINE™. Of course when you do that you ruin the Spare Spike. But you'll be a lot safer than trying to negotiate walking on the ice in high heels. And the cost is small to help reduce the chances of a fall in comparison to the cost of a serious fall.


You have to take them off before going indoors because the sharp 2mm spikes will damage floors and may be slippery on hard, smooth non ice or packed snow covered surfaces.
  • Don't guess about which ice cleats or shoe attachments are best for you. Expert advise is a phone call away at 888-205-4477.
  • Help is available when you need it between 7:00 AM and 11:00 PM EST.
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