Yaktrax Safety Tips and Warranty

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Yaktrax Walk and Yaktrax Pro Safety Tips

Get the most of your Yaktrax by following these safety tips and precautions.
  • Always walk with extreme care on ice. Yaktrax is designed to give you confidence and safety in snowy or icy conditions. Yaktrax is not for use on gravel, concrete, or sanded roads clear of snow.
  • Walk normally with your Yaktrax.
  • Avoid non-icy, non-snowy smooth surfaces when wearing Yaktrax. For example, wear them to walk across an icy parking lot to the store, but then remove them before going into the store. They are straightforward to put on and take off. Avoid stepping on sewer grates or utility hole covers because most often they are not snow or ice covered and right where you step off the curb. They can be very slippery, and you have to exercise extreme caution when you're wearing Yaktrax to avoid stepping on them. It's not a short-coming of Yaktrax. Problems wearing Ice Cleats indoors is true for all but two solutions I've come across that I mention in the note below.
    Note: If you live in a city or you're a delivery truck driver, many times you're constantly going in and out of doors... the subway station... the bus steps... deliveries. If you live in a city like Washington DC many times you'll encounter smooth outdoor surfaces... like where snow and ice have been removed from marble or granite surfaces, and they are dry or wet. These are situations where things can get slippery and hazardous wearing Yaktrax or any ice traction device.

    To avoid the hassle of constantly removing and putting on your Yaktrax, consider Winter Walking Altragrips-Lite Low Profile Ice Cleats or Low-Pro Ice Cleats that are safe to wear while driving and most often don't have to be removed before going indoors. These ice traction devices stretch over your footwear like Yaktrax. They're durable, industrial grade ice cleats. They're more expensive but last several times longer than Yaktrax making the cost of ownership lower.
  • Use common sense when walking on ice. just as you exercise common sense while driving on ice and snow with the best snow tires. It is sometimes possible to become overly confident because Yaktrax work so incredibly well.

Yaktrax Walk and Yaktrax Pro Warranties

Yaktrax are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase.

Limitation of Liability: By purchasing or using this traction augmentation device, you agree that the sole remedy for damages resulting from use of this product is the repair or replacement of defective parts. Yaktrax will replace defective parts within 90 days of the date of purchase if the product is returned to Yaktrax, postage prepaid, along with proof of purchase. Contact Yaktrax at 800-446-7587. In no event shall the seller or Yaktrax be responsible for incidental or consequential damages.

Limitation of Implied Warranties: The warranties of merchantability for fitness for a particular use are limited to use of this product as a traction device on outdoor ice and packed snow. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof.

Warning: Although Yaktrax will aid in walking on ice and packed snow, Yaktrax, or any other traction devices designed to aid in walking on ice and packed snow, can not totally eliminate the inherent risks of such conditions. When wearing Yaktrax, always exercise caution and reasonable care.

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$ 39.95/pr.

  • Looking for the very best, reliable, and effective Ice Cleats available;
  • Not using Ice Cleats in the city or for commuting; and
  • Lastly, not concerned about removing your Ice Cleats before going indoors.
$ 39.95/pr.

  • Looking for ultra-convenient Ice Cleats you can safely wear on most indoor floors and while driving; or
  • Using Ice Cleats in the city or for commuting; and/or
  • Lastly, unable or unwilling to remove your Ice Cleats before going indoors.

  • Looking for reliable, lower-cost Lite-Duty Ice Cleats for occasional use;
  • Not using Ice Cleats in the city or for commuting; and
  • Lastly, not concerned about removing your Ice Cleats before going indoors; choose

  • Looking for reliable, lower-cost Lite-Duty Ice Cleats for occasional use;
  • Not using Ice Cleats in the city or for commuting; and
  • Lastly, not concerned about removing your Ice Cleats before going indoors; choose
$ 18.00 to 28.97/pr.

  • Looking for low-cost, very lite-duty ice traction devices for occasional use for traction on ice and packed snow;
  • You understand that Yaktrax do not provide reliable traction on black ice, deep snow, or on regular ice in frigid temperatures when ice is denser;
  • Not using Ice Cleats in the city or for commuting;
  • You understand that while Yaktrax will not damage indoor floors, you still most often have to remove them before going indoors. That's because Yaktrax are extremely slippery on smooth indoor and outdoor surfaces and floors.

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