Best Ice Cleats to Use in Cities and for Commuting

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City street in winter showing why you need the best Ice Cleats for the city.
When you buy Ice Cleats for boots and shoes, you reasonably expect your Ice Cleats will protect you in all of slippery conditions including ice, packed snow, deep snow, and black ice. However, most Ice Cleats don't give you excellent traction on all these slick surfaces. In fact, read this page to discover why traditional Ice Cleats can place you at greater risk of falling by creating additional serious slip hazards in urban areas.

Read this entire page because I will

  • explain the reasons why people find using traditional Ice Cleats too impractical to use in cities;
  • show you common hazards for people wearing Ice Cleats in the city that most people don't know about and will surprise you; and
  • finally, recommend Ice Cleats with innovative new features that are
    • practical for use in the city because you can wear them on most indoor floors; and
    • give you excellent traction and keep you safer on all slippery surfaces including those unique to city living.
Winter Walking
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Winter Walking
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Recommended Ice Cleats Common Features

These industry-leading Ice Cleats allow you to safely navigate the icy streets of Allentown and are practical to use in any city. That's because all my recommended Ice Cleats
  • allow you to safely walk on slippery city streets because they provide excellent traction on
    • ice;
    • packed snow;
    • loose snow;
    • slush; and
    • black ice; and
  • are practical to use in cities so you'll use them because of you don't have to take them off and put them back on when you
    • go in and out of buildings;
    • enter and exit mass transit; and
    • get in and out of your car because they're safe to where when driving;
  • are safer than traditional Ice Cleats because they give you better traction on
    • sewer grates;
    • utility hole covers; and
    • hard, smooth, outdoor surfaces not covered with snow and ice like
      • tile;
      • granite;
      • smooth bricks; and
      • metal steps found on many buses and trains.
  • fit most boots and shoes
Some of the companies relying on Winter Walking Ice Cleats include the following.Companies that use Winter Walking Ice cleats.

These companies do not take employee safely lightly. Therefore, if you choose my recommended Ice Cleats, you'll be in excellent company.

You should receive your Ice Cleats in just two or three days because I ship the same day you place your order using fast USPS Priority Mail. I use UPS upon request and for large orders.

And please don't wait until the bad weather has arrived. Order before you need them because that way you can resolve sizing issues that could place you at risk of falling while waiting for the correct size to arrive. You'll also have time to familiarize yourself and feel comfortable with the Ice Cleats before putting them to the test on icy city streets.

What the Picture Above Tells You About the Best Ice Cleats for Cities

This page focuses on the best Ice Cleats for your boots and shoes to use in downtown or commuting to and from cities. If your only concern is getting the best possible traction on ice and snow and you're

  • not planning to use your Ice Grips in town or for commuting;
  • not frequently going in and out of doors or are willing to put up with the hassle of taking your Ice Cleats off and putting them back on again every time you do;
  • physically able to easily put Ice Cleats on and take them off; and
  • lastly, willing to put up with other possible inconveniences associated with using traditional Ice Cleats; choose Winter Walking HIGH-PRO Ice Cleats, the best stretch-over Ice Cleats available.

What you'll learn from the picture above and by reading this page applies to both big cities and small towns across the United States.

Look at the picture of a city street in winter above. You definitely see snow. But what about the streets?

Are the streets just wet or are they icy? Black ice looks the same as if the streets are wet. Sometimes there's a combination of ice and water.

Let's go back and consider the snow. Is there ice under any of that snow?

Everything in the picture above is in focus except the cab where there's some motion blur even using a fast shutter setting. The other cars don't have motion blur. The cab is blurry because, as you already know, cab drivers tend to be "in a hurry." You'll find out further down this page how that fact relates to your choice of Ice Cleats to use downtown and your safety.

Traditional Ice Cleats Are Impractical to Use in Cities

You're always
  • going in and out of buildings;
  • walking through train stations;
  • getting on and off commuter trains, subways or buses; or
  • merely ducking into a shop to pick up a quick cup of coffee.
Most Ice Cleats require that you take them off before going indoors because of Ice Cleats
  • with sharp spikes will damage floors, and
  • most critically, are slippery on hard floors like marble, granite, or tile.
Yaktrax Spikeless Ice Cleats with wound coils won't damage interior floors. However, you still most often have to remove Yaktrax before going indoors because the steel coils are extremely slippery on smooth interior floors.

That's a lot of "putting on and taking off". It's impractical for most people living in cities and many people won't take the time to do it. Look around you. Who isn't in a hurry especially when you're running late in the first place because of bad weather?

Why Traditional Ice Cleats Can Be Hazardous on City Streets

City streets present serious slipping hazards if you're wearing traditional Ice Cleats. Both Spiked Ice Cleats and spikeless Yaktrax Shoe Traction Devices using wound steel coils are extremely slippery when you step on smooth, hard surfaces not covered with ice. Hazards include

Non Ice Covered Sewer Grate CoverSewer grates and utility hole covers that are rarely snow or ice covered because of the heat emanating from below. When you step on them, especially when stepping off of a curb, is dangerous because your leg can instantly slide forward causing a fall. Even worse, this exposes your leg to being run over by cabs or other traffic whipping by you.

You try to think about where you're stepping. However, you're often preoccupied with work or just trying to avoid getting run over by a cab and not watching where you're stepping.

Non Ice Covered Utility Hole CoverWhen you step up on, and especially down off, the metal steps typically found on buses and trains can cause your foot to slide resulting in a serious fall.

Plazas that may have exposed marble or granite surfaces.

Bare patches on brick sidewalks and streets warn smooth from wear.

Metal stair covers.

The Best Ice Cleats for Cities Also Serve Other Special Needs

People with Special Needs

FAQs About the Ice Cleats I Recommend for Cities and Commuting

Do you sell Ice Cleats that provide better traction than the ones you're recommending to use in cities?
Yes and No.

All the recommended Ice Cleats give you

  • excellent traction on ice, snow, deep snow, slush and black ice;
  • the best traction for an Ice Cleat you can wear indoors; and
  • lastly, better traction on the city hazards mentioned earlier of this page.
However, HIGH-PRO Ice Cleats provide the ultimate traction on ice.
HIGH-PRO Ice Cleats give you better traction because they have longer 2mm Tungsten Carbide Studs. However, the longer studs will damage floors. They're also slippery on hard smooth floors, sewer grates, and utility hole covers.
There's always a trade-off between performance and convenience. If you don't mind constantly putting on and taking off Ice Cleats, I'll always recommend the more aggressive models.
If you live on a very steep hill, you might consider buying a pair of HIGH-PRO Ice Cleats and the other convenient Ice Cleats recommended on this page. You would only have to change them out twice at the bottom of the hill when leaving and returning. By having both pairs, you get the best of both worlds. Furthermore, you're not looking at spending a lot of money to keep you safe.
What if a store has a sign requiring customers to remove their Ice Cleats?
You have to take them off. It's their store. Furthermore, do you want to the one who has to explain your Ice Cleats' unique features to the store owner and every other person in the store who did have to remove their Ice Cleats?
Are LOW-PROs available in all black?
No. The bright orange color is a helpful feature for companies because it helps managers monitor safety compliance. However, many individuals prefer something more subdued. Look at AltraGrips-Lite Low Profile Ice Cleats.
Please share this page with your friends, family, and employer. Thanks!
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Find the Best Ice Cleats for People, Places, and Occupations

Find the Best Ice Cleats Based Upon Your Activities or Slick Conditions

Recommended Ice Cleats Based on User-Friendliness and Convenience

$ 39.95/pr.

  • Looking for the very best, reliable, and effective Ice Cleats available;
  • Not using Ice Cleats in the city or for commuting; and
  • Lastly, not concerned about removing your Ice Cleats before going indoors.
$ 39.95/pr.

  • Looking for ultra-convenient Ice Cleats you can safely wear on most indoor floors and while driving; or
  • Using Ice Cleats in the city or for commuting; and/or
  • Lastly, unable or unwilling to remove your Ice Cleats before going indoors.

  • Looking for reliable, lower-cost Lite-Duty Ice Cleats for occasional use;
  • Not using Ice Cleats in the city or for commuting; and
  • Lastly, not concerned about removing your Ice Cleats before going indoors; choose

  • Looking for reliable, lower-cost Lite-Duty Ice Cleats for occasional use;
  • Not using Ice Cleats in the city or for commuting; and
  • Lastly, not concerned about removing your Ice Cleats before going indoors; choose
$ 18.00 to 28.97/pr.

  • Looking for low-cost, very lite-duty ice traction devices for occasional use for traction on ice and packed snow;
  • You understand that Yaktrax do not provide reliable traction on black ice, deep snow, or on regular ice in frigid temperatures when ice is denser;
  • Not using Ice Cleats in the city or for commuting;
  • You understand that while Yaktrax will not damage indoor floors, you still most often have to remove them before going indoors. That's because Yaktrax are extremely slippery on smooth indoor and outdoor surfaces and floors.

Best Ice Cleats for Users with Physical Problems

Best Ice Cleats for Your Lifestyle

Select Ice Cleats Best for Your Occupation

LOW-PRO Sizing Chart
Fits Shoe Sizes
Based of Steel Tip Shoes
Men's Women's Footwear Length Range in Inches* Size
13½---13¾" - 14¼"XXL
11½ - 13---13" ‹ 13¾"XL
9½ - 1112+12½" ‹ 13"L
7 - 99 - 1111½" ‹ 12½" M
5 - 6½7 - 8½10¾" ‹ 11½"S
*Measured on the bottom of your shoe or boot from the tip of the sole to the base of the heel.
AltraGrips-Lite Sizing Chart
Fits Shoe Sizes
Based of Steel Tip Shoes
Men's Women's Footwear Length Range
in Inches*
15+ --- 14½" - 15½" XXL
13 - 14½ --- 14" - 14½" XL
10 - 12½ 12+ 13¼" ‹ 14" L
8 - 9½ 10 - 11½ 12½" ‹ 13¼" M
5 - 7½ 7 - 9½ 10¾" ‹ 12½" S
--- 4½ - 6½ 10" ‹ 10¾" XS
*Measured on the bottom of your shoe or boot from the tip of the sole to the base of the heel.

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Winter Walking Ice Cleats Low Price Guaranty

No one is more dedicated to helping you find the best Ice Cleats and keeping you safe. I work very hard to bring you the most informative online store that's fast, easy-to-use, and mobile friendly. I don't want to lose a single sale based upon price alone.

Therefore, if you find a lower DELIVERED PRICE from a legitimate online store (not auction sites) selling authentic, new Winter Walking Ice Cleats, I'll match or better that price.


Crucial Ice Cleats Sizing Tips

  1. You can go by the shoe sizes. However, the actual size of the shoe or boot can vary significantly for the same foot size. So option two below is a better way to select the correct size.
  2. Measure the length of your shoe or boot. Measure the bottom from the tip of the sole to the base of the heel. Measure on "the flat", don't wrap around. We want the length. Then find the size on the sizing chart with the Footwear Length Range that spans the length of your footwear. Measure carefully. Measure twice. Our goal is to get you the right size on the first try to make you as safe as possible as soon as possible.
Ice Cleats Sizes are Unisex that fit men's and women's shoes and boots according to the sizing charts.
Always try your Ice Grips on as soon as you receive them for two reasons.
  1. You want to be ready for the bad weather. Don't wait until the ice is on the ground to find out you need a size exchange.
  2. I can't do free size exchanges for Ice Cleats that have been used because I can't resell them.

What should I do if the length of my shoe or boot is extremely close to the breakpoint of a size range? Should I choose the next larger size? For example, assume the length of your boot or shoe is just under 12½". You look at the specific Size Chart for Ice Cleats you're buying. Assume for this example the Medium has size range of 11½" to < 12½" and a Large is 12½" to < 13". For regular shoes and work shoes, stick with the smaller of the two sizes your considering. If you're planning to use your Ice Grips on heavier winter boots, choose the bigger size.

I'm planning to use the Ice Cleats on both my shoes and boots. But they're different lengths. What should I do?

If the difference in length is small, order the size for the larger boots. Purchase the optional Ankle Strap to use when you use the Ice Grips on your shoes. The ankle strap will make sure they stay on. If the difference in length is significant, you may need two sizes of Ice Cleats. That's because you want the Ice Cleats to be snug, so they not only stay on your footwear but also stay aligned.

I have a large company. There's no way I can measure everyone's footwear.

I understand. Go by shoe sizes. I'll be happy to exchange sizes later on. However, please make sure you haven't used the Ice Cleats outdoors.

Is the measuring technique 100% accurate?

Nope. It's accurate most of the time. Measuring is far superior to go by shoe size.  
Ice Cleat Ankle Straps
Winter Walking Ice Cleats fit securely on most shoes and boots. Most people do not need or use the Ankle Strap. However, Ankle Straps add an additional level of comfort knowing your Ice Cleats will stay on your footwear. It's more critical to consider Ankle Straps if

What Free Ice Cleats Size Exchanges Means

No store works harder than we do to get Ice Cleats Sizing right on the first try. If you measure your footwear as I advise you to do in my Sizing Tips, Size Exchanges are rare. However, when Size Exchanges are necessary

This policy is consistent with and exceeds competing stores Free Exchanges policies. If you have questions, please call me at 610-670-2549.

The last thing I want is for you to be disappointed in your purchase or feel that I mislead you or treated you unfairly. So, in the unlikely event you're not totally satisfied with your Ice Cleats or Shoe Traction Devices purchased from me, I'll refund your money and pay for the return freight. Call me at 610-670-2549.

My satisfaction guarantee is unconditional. However, I'll ask you why you're not satisfied because I want to know if

You Won't Find a Better, Safer Place to Buy Ice Cleats!

Here's why buying Ice Cleats from us gives you peace of mind...