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Grips-Lite on Boots
$45.97 /pr.
Grips-Lite on Boots
Grips-Lite Front
Grips-Lite Back
Grips-Lite Ankle Strap
Grips-Lite Dual Density
Fits Shoe Sizes
(Based on Work Shoes)
Men's Women's Footwear
Length Range
in Inches*
14+ --- 14½" - 15½" XXL
12 - 13½ --- 14" < 14½" XL
10 - 11½ 12+ 13¼" < 14" L
8 - 9½ 10 - 11½ 12½" < 13¼" M
5 - 7½ 7 -9½ 10¾" < 12½" S
--- 4½ -6½ 10" < 10¾" XS
* Measured on the bottom of your shoe or boot from the tip of the toe to the base of the heel.
45.97 /pr.

Ankle Strap Kit*
Fits All Sizes
4.47 /pr.
*Not included in
Volume Discount
There are hazards associated with using conventional ice cleats with metal spikes or coils when used while drilling, refining and transporting oil and gas.
  • Metal spikes and coils are conductive and can cause sparks. BEWARE of ice cleats that are advertised as spark-resistant that resist but could still generate a spark under the right circumstances. Grips-Lite are non-sparking which means they will never generate a spark under any circumstances.
  • Ice cleats with metal spikes... and especially wound metal coils... can be extremely slippery on smooth, non-ice and snow covered metal surfaces and ladders commonly found around an oil or gas drilling rig. Grips-Lite provide traction on exposed metal surfaces and do not affect the user's ability to safely climb ladders.
  • Many of the surfaces around drilling and fracking operations are covered with grease, oil, chemicals or water where conventional ice cleats are no help. Grips-Lite are extremely versatile and provide traction on all and any combination of these conditions.
Read the information on this page to find more about the unique, patented features that make Grips-Lite are your best choice for use around oil and gas operations.
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Grips-Lite gritted shoe attachments are non-sparking, non-conductive and versatile improving
traction on oil, grease, ice, snow, slush, wet floors and more.
  • Reduce Falls by 40 - 50%.
  • Aluminum Oxide Grit Bands...
    • are the longest-lasting grit traction design;
    • constantly refresh and renew;
    • are non-conductive; and
    • are non-sparking.
  • 1-Piece Molded Proprietary Rubber Compound Straps ...
    • are extremely durable;
    • are resistant to chemicals and other contaminants;
    • have No Memory and Never Stretches Out of Shape; and
    • stay flexible at low temperatures.
  • Easy On / Easy Off because...
    • Patented Dual Pull Tabs make it easier to grab hold of the ice cleats while stretching them over your shoes and boots.
    • Patented Dual Density Construction makes it easier to stretch.
    • Uni-Foot Design (No Left... No Right) eliminates the hassle of having to locate the left or right cleat.
  • Versatile:
    • Fit Over All Types of Shoes and Boots
    • Provide traction on several slippery conditions
    • Low Profile Can Be Safely Worn Indoors
    • Can Be Safely Worn While Driving
  • Patented Open Design
    • keeps feet cooler than Grips Overshoes;
    • stays securely on footwear; and
    • is lightweight & compact.
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL
  • The Patented Trim Line allows for removal of heel section.
  • Weight: 4 oz. Per Foot
  • Brand: Winter Walking (a Jordan David Company)
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline, Drilling, Refineries and Delivery
  • Gas and Electric Utility Workers
  • Aviation Ground Crews Refueling and Maintenance
  • Explosives Handling, Transport and Manufacturing
  • Mining Operations
  • Grain Elevators

Grips-Lite provide superior traction over any rubber sole shoes and boots reducing slips and falls by 40 - 50%.

That's because aluminum oxide bands work like sand paper giving you thousands of traction points.

Grips-Lite are incredibly versatile.

  • Just one traction device provides traction on a variety of slippery conditions found in the same work area.
  • They can safely be worn indoors or outdoors.
  • It's safe to drive while wearing them.

Grips-Lite last far longer than competing grit type traction devices.

That's because Grips-Lite use thicker aluminum oxide bands instead of just one single layer of grit. As the bands wear down they renew themselves providing optimum traction.Grips-Lite Layered Grit Cross Section

They're perfect for the Oil & Gas Industry, Electric Utilities or Around Explosives or Grain Elevators.

Aluminum oxide is both non-sparking and non-conductive.

Grips-Lite are safe to wear both indoors and outdoors so you can put them on and keep them on.

  • Note: If the primary consideration is finding ice cleats that can be worn safely on most indoor floors and spark suppression and non-connectivity is not an issue and the indoor floors are not made slippery by oil and grease, Low-Pro or AltraGrips-Lite Low Profile ice cleats are a better choice. That's because they provide far superior performance on ice, packed snow, deep snow, slush and black ice.
  • Employees are more productive if they don't have to constantly be putting on and taking off their shoe traction devices.
  • Employees are likely to use a shoe traction device they don't have to constantly be putting on and taking off.
  • They're perfect for...
    • People on the loading dock
    • People who take frequent yard checks
    • People who must walk outside between plant facilities.
    • Delivery and shuttle drivers because they're also safe to wear them while driving.

They're easier to put on than competing shoe attachments.

  • Straps are made from a rubber compound that stays flexible a low temperatures.
  • You can get a better grip on them with the patented Dual Pull Tab™ system. It's great for anyone and especially for people with weakness in the hands or certain other medical disabilities.
  • They have a patented Dual Density™ Design that makes them easier to stretch over your footwear.
  • They're uni-foot so there is no right or left to identify. Just grab one and put it on either shoe.

The straps last longer than on competing products.

Straps are made from a tough proprietary rubber compound that resists exposure to harsh chemicals. The straps have no memory so they continue to fit snugly over your work boots, shoes and sneakers.

They stay firmly in place on your footwear.

  • Straps are strong and don't stretch out of shape.
  • The patented front bell shaped design prides a wide surface area that snugly fits over the entire from of your shoes or boots.
  • The inside of the patented heel strap design has a ridge that catches between the bottom of the heel and the upper heel. That keeps the back from slipping off the back.
  • No shoe traction device without straps that fasten the device to the footwear can guarantee they won't come off especially in deep wet snow. The optional Ankle Strap prevents this from happening.

There are several advantages of using slip resistant shoe attachment over buying slip resistant shoes.

  • First, no show will give you the traction Grips-Lite will give you.
  • No one pair of safety shoes will cover the spectrum of slippery situations covered by Grips-Lite.
  • Shoe attachments are less expensive.
  • You can choose the most comfortable work shoes and simply make them slip resistant.
  • Don't guess about which ice cleats or shoe attachments are best for you. Expert advise is a phone call away at 888-205-4477.
  • Help is available when you need it between 7:00 AM and 11:00 PM EST.
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