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Ice Cleats for Running Shoes
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Winter Walking High-Pro Ice Cleats JD6625 on Boots
Winter Walking High-Pro Ice Cleats JD6625 on Boots
Winter Walking High-Pro Ice Cleats JD6625 Dual Material
Winter Walking High-Pro Ice Cleats JD6625 Front
Winter Walking High-Pro Ice Cleats JD6625 Back
Winter Walking High-Pro Ice Cleats JD6625 Side
Winter Walking High-Pro Ice Cleats JD6625 Inside View
$ 35.47 /pr.
Volume Discount3 to 5 pr.6 pr. or More
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Note: Quantity includes any combination of sizes.

Sizing Help

There are two methods to select the correct size...
  1. Obviously you can go by the shoe sizes. But the actual size of the shoe or boot can vary greatly for the same foot size. So option 2 below is a better way to select the correct size.
  2. Measure the length of the shoe or boot you want to put the ice cleat on. Then find the size on the sizing chart with the Footwear Length Range that includes the length of your footwear.
Fits Shoe Sizes
(Based on Work Shoes)
Length Range
in Inches*
13½+---13¾" - 14¼"XXL
11½ - 13---13" < 13¾"XL
9½ - 1112+12½" < 13"L
7 - 99 - 1111½" < 12½"M
5 - 6½7 - 8½10¾" < 11½"S
* Measured on the bottom of your shoe or boot from the tip of the toe to the base of the heel.

Ankle Straps
Fits All Sizes
4.47 /pr.
*Not included in
Volume Discount
  • Impact
  • Uneven Ice
  • Ability to Stay On and Aligned
  • Durability
  • Inspect Your Ice Cleats Before Use
When you run, the sudden impact places a increased demand on your ice cleats to grab hold quickly. Ice cleats that work perfectly well for walking may not be up to the job. Compare it to NASCAR where they use an entirely different tire than you would use for you family car. Because as any NASCAR driver will tell you, once you lose traction it's very hard to get it back. When talking about ice cleats you need an extremely aggressive stud design.
  • Sharper is better. Obviously the less the surface area of the actual stud against the ice the better it will be able to penetrate the ice. This is especially important in very cold temperatures when ice becomes far more dense and on black ice. The effectiveness of spikeless and gritted ice cleats is greatly reduced or totally eliminated on extremely cold, dense ice. Runners need every stud to be as effective as possible to maintain traction.
  • Tungsten carbide is far more durable than case hardened or carbon steel spikes.
  • Cylindrical tungsten carbide spikes are consistently at their sharpest throughout the life of the spike.
  • Generally speaking, the more studs on the ice cleats the better especially when they're intelligently placed over the entire bottom of the ice cleat. Many ice cleats concentrate the studs in a particular area or just around the periphery. This reduces the chance of the studs coming in contact with the ice especially when the ice is "bumpy" and uneven. Once you lose traction it's tough for the remaining studs to catch hold and get it back.

    It is possible to have too many studs because your weight will be distributed over too many points of contact thereby reducing the studs ability to penetrate the ice... the way people can lay on a bed of nails without getting hurt.
The ice you're about to land on may be uneven. So you want studs that are well-distributed over the entire tread so you're sure at least one stud hits the ice when you make initial contact. Otherwise you lose traction and again it's tough to get back even if other studs contact the ice after you start slipping. This also makes another case far having a very aggressive stud design because... no matter how the studs are distributed... only one stud may initially make contact with the ice. So it's important that this stud counts. Ice cleats with less aggressive stud designs that perform well on regular ice when more than one stud is contacting the ice may not stop you from falling on uneven ice.
If your ice cleat comes off even for one step you can go down. If the ice cleat slides out of position on your running shoes even well-positioned studs won't do you any good.
Nothing is harder on ice cleats than running especially if you frequently run on dry, non-ice and non-snow covered patches. This poses a conundrum...
  • Ice cleats with the most aggressive type of replaceable studs... like Grip-X... might be uncomfortable when worn on running shoes. I recommend people consider using RxSorbo Classic Sorbothane Insoles if you do have a problem. They're thin and won't crowd your feet. You should use them anyway to absorb shock to keep your feet and joints healthy.
  • Ice cleats with replaceable screws or studs that screw directly into you running shoes are less aggressive than sharp tungsten carbide studs and subject to the potential problems I mentioned earlier. The screws become less sharp and aggressive as they wear down. Tungsten carbide studs remain uniformly sharp throughout their useful life.
  • Ice cleats with non-replaceable tungsten carbide studs like High-Pro ice cleats are probably the best for preventing you from slipping on the ice. But when the studs wear down you have to replace the ice cleats.
You should inspect your ice cleats no matter what your planning to do. It just becomes a lot more important if you're planning to run with them. Look for missing, broken or worn down studs. In the case of steel coils, check for thin or broker wire which can catch your other pants leg and cause you to trip as well as compromise traction.
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