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     in Walk-In Freezers
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     Low Profile Help
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Winter Walking Low-Pro Ice Cleats JD6610 on Boots
$ 35.47 /pr.
AltraGrips-Lite Low Profile
45.97 /pr.
  • Every time the freezer door is opened moisture in the air freezes to interior surfaces which obviously includes the floors.
  • The floors in walk-in freezers are often smooth and made from metal, concrete or ceramic materials. This no only makes floors more slippery when coated with ice but also when water is present.
  • One approach is to install a slip resistant floor. But over time any floor will wear down and become slippery. Depending on the conditions inside the freezer there can be ice build-up that covers the slip resistant particles in the floor and you have slippery areas.
  • Another approach is to have employees wear slip resistant footwear. But no rubber sole shoe or boot... no matter how aggressive the tread... is effective on ice. Slip resistant overshoes and shoe attachments designed for ice and snow that either have coils or spikes are extremely slippery on smooth, non-ice covered surfaces. Furthermore, people would have to remove the overshoes or shoe attachments when exiting the walk-in freezer because the spikes would damage regular floors or... again... be slippery on smooth non ice covered floors. Neither approach is practical or works.

Both ice cleats are designed for ice and snow but have unique, patented characteristics that make them ideal for use in walk-in freezers. Here's why...

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  • The low profile spikes protrude just slightly beyond the aggressive tread. This allows the tread to penetrate any icy or frost covered surface while still allowing the tread to make contact with the floor. You therefore have the best possible slip resistant characteristics to accommodate whatever slippery condition, or combination of slippery conditions, you might encounter inside a walk-in freezer.
    AltraGrips-Lite Low Profile Tread and Studs Close Up
  • They do not have to be removed when exiting the freezer because they will not damage other floors. This is not only convenient but helps ensure employees will actually use them unlike footwear they would have to constantly putting on and taking off.
  • The tread is designed to provide excellent traction on slippery surfaces other than ice, frost and wet surfaces employees are likely to encounter around a walk-in freezer.
    Slippery Condition: Excellent Good
    Ice X  
    Snow and Slush   X
    Animal Fats   X
    Chemicals   X
    Water & Other
    Mud Not Recommended
    Safe for Driving X  
    Use Indoors   X
  • It's safe to drive while wearing Low-Pro and AltraGrips-Lite so it's safe to operate a forklift or other vehicle.* They're great for delivery drivers. *It is the ultimate responsibility of the Safety Manager to determine if any shoe attachment should be worn will driving any type of vehicle.