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Grippers for Strippers
Grippers for Strippers are recognized as the industry leader for improving traction while mopping and stripping floors. Many insurance companies specify that Grippers for Strippers stripping overshoes be used. Click the picture above to find out why...
Grips-Lite are the industry leader for grit style non-sparking, non-conductive traction on water, oil, and grease covered surfaces. They're even effective on snow and ice. Click the picture on the left to find out more...
Why Use Shoe Traction Devices?

Shoe attachments are less expensive than slip resistant shoes.

Why buy separate, expensive slip resistant shoes when you can simply stretch slip resistant footwear over almost any pair of your existing shoes... get far better traction than any rubber soled shoe... adapt your footwear to changing slippery conditions... and save money?

You'll find a state-of-the-art traction solution with important, patented features not found in competing products.

I feature innovative Winter Walking (formerly Jordan David) slip resistant footwear because... with over 30 years experience... they're the recognized industry leader in slips and falls prevention. No matter what slippery surface, or combination of slippery surfaces, you'll find an effective, low cost, common sense solution for minimizing slips and falls at

You'll find one shoe traction device that provides traction on several slippery conditions

View the Selection Guides to find traction devices that best suit your particular situation. You'll find slip resistant footwear specifically designed and optimized to reduce falls on the slippery surfaces most important to you and your crew while still being effective in other slippery conditions.

Employees are more likely to actually use Winter Walking traction devices.

  • They have exclusive, patented features that make them extremely easy to put on and take off.
  • There are models that can be worn both indoors and outdoors.
  • You can drive with certain models.

You have flexibility to adapt to changing or temporary slippery conditions.

Simply change the shoe attachment instead of having to buy different slip resistant shoes.

You can choose the most comfortable work shoes instead of being limited to slip resistant work shoes.

Winter Walking will make almost any shoe or boot slip resistant.

Most products are made in the USA

You get the benefit of quality and durability of products manufactured in the United States.
Frequently Asked Questions

What traction device do you recommend for working on roofs?

I don't recommend any of the traction devices on this website for roofers. The devices with the aggressive cleats you need for traction... especially on a sloping roof... will damage the roof. I recommend that you visit where you'll find traction devices specifically designed for roofers.
Free Consulting
NJN PictureCall now for free consulting to help you determine what to look for in high quality slip resistant footwear and for choosing footwear that makes common sense for your business environment. Choosing the right slip resistant footwear can be a daunting task. In fact choosing the wrong slip resistant footwear may actually increase the probability of slips and falls. Call for advice... it's free!

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