Beware of Online Ice Cleats Reviews

Most People Who Do Ice Cleats Reviews Online Know Nothing About Ice Cleats

Be careful when you rely on online Ice Cleats Reviews. That’s because the overwhelming majority of people writing those “Top Reviews” know absolutely nothing about ice cleats. Their ignorance is a big problem because lousy advice can lead to severe consequences. Continue reading “Beware of Online Ice Cleats Reviews”

Do I Need Professional Ice Cleats?

Serious and life-altering long-term health and financial ramifications result from slips and falls on ice and snow .  No ice cleats, professional or not, can guarantee you won’t slip on ice. So the question should not be “Do I need professional ice cleats?”. The question should be “What ice cleats minimize my risk of slipping on ice and snow?”.
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Ice Cleat Heel Spikes Are Critical!

Ice Cleats Heel Spikes and Forward Spikes Allow You To Walk Safely and Naturally

Ice Cleat Heel Spikes and Well-Positioned Forward SpikesWell-positioned ice cleat heel spikes and forward spikes are critically important for keeping you safe.  Here’s why…

You’re most vulnerable to slipping on ice wearing ice cleats when you take a natural step. Very little of the combined surface area of the ice cleat is actually in contact with the ice. This is when some of the most serious injuries from slipping can occur.

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