Ice Cleat Heel Spikes Are Critical!

Ice Cleats Heel Spikes and Forward Spikes Allow You To Walk Safely and Naturally

Ice Cleat Heel Spikes and Well-Positioned Forward SpikesWell-positioned ice cleat heel spikes and forward spikes are critically important for keeping you safe.  Here’s why…

You’re most vulnerable to slipping on ice wearing ice cleats when you take a natural step. Very little of the combined surface area of the ice cleat is actually in contact with the ice. This is when some of the most serious injuries from slipping can occur.

Forward Positioned Spikes

Well-positioned spikes in the front of the ice cleat are critical. You’re pushing off with one foot when only the front area of that ice cleat is making contact with the ice.  Otherwise you risk losing traction as your foot slips back and to the side.

Heel Spikes

Ice Cleat Heel Spikes are positioned close to the base of the heel and also critical. Heel spikes are also critical. That’s because the forward foot’s ice cleat’s heel is the only area contacting the ice. Heel spikes prevent your foot from slipping forward and out from under you.

Aggressive Spikes Are Essential

Aggressive Heel SpikesThe forward and heel spikes design is also extremely important. The areas contacting the ice are small so the number of well-positioned spikes is limited. Spikes must be extremely aggressive and effective so they instantly penetrate and grip even extremely cold dense ice or black ice.

Durability Is Essential

The spike material must be extremely durable. Typically the forward positioned and heels spikes have the most wear. They need to be reliable and stay extremely sharp as they wear.

Correct Fit Is Very Important

Selecting the right size ice cleats is critical. Spikes are positioned too far back from the front and too far up from the base of the heel when ice cleats are too small.

Strap Design

Straps must securely hold the ice cleats in aligned on your footwear so the spikes remain properly positioned and effective.

Problems With Most Ice Cleats

Very few competing ice cleats have well-positioned ice cleats near the front. Far fewer have heel spikes. Some competing ice cleats don’t have any spikes on the heel. Look closely at pictures many competitors use to showcase their ice cleats in action. You’ll clearly see that no stud on either ice cleat is contacting the ice as the wearer takes a step. They’re completely unprotected.

Recommended Ice Cleats

Visit my Best Ice Cleats Selection and Buyer’s Guide. HIGH-PROLOW-PRO, ICE BEAST HIGH-PRO, and ICE BEAST LOW-PRO Ice Cleats have perfectly positioned aggressive, durable tungsten-carbide forward spikes and heel spikes and strong straps to keep the ice cleats aligned.

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