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Ice Cleats Buyer's Guide
Best of the Best Ice Cleats
These are the best ice cleats to have on your shoes and boots if you're on that treacherous icy driveway, sidewalk or parking lot. No ice cleats can guarantee you won't slip on the ice. But no other stretch over ice cleats does a better job of minimizing that risk.

High-Pro keep you the safest and give you ultimate confidence because they deliver unsurpassed traction on ice, snow, slush or black ice. If you're physically able and disciplined enough to remove them before going indoors, these are the ice cleats to get.

Best Ice Cleats for People in Cities, Senior Citizens, Delivery Drivers, the Blind and People With Disabilities
You can wear Low-Pro indoors on most commercial floors without slipping or damaging them. You can wear them while driving. Just put them on your shoes or boots and let them on. They're perfect for anyone who is frequently going in and out of doors.

These ice cleats deliver excellent traction on ice, packed snow, deep snow, slush and black ice.

Best Ice Cleats with Replaceable Spikes
All the studded ice cleats I sell have extremely durable tungsten carbide spikes. The overwhelming majority of my competitors sell ice cleats with carbon steel spikes or stainless steel coils that are far less durable. Frequently walking on non-ice or non-snow covered surfaces will of course cause any spikes to wear more rapidly. Replaceable spikes extend the life of the ice cleats.
You may wonder why everyone wouldn't opt for ice cleats with replaceable spikes. There are 2 reasons:
  1. Replaceable spikes can create bumps that make the ice cleats uncomfortable; and
  2. Replaceable spikes are just one more potential point of failure. Losing a spike significantly reduces the effectiveness of your ice cleats.
Grip-X Ice Cleats have a patented flat ultra secure spike mounts that are comfortable and reliable.
Best Consumer Quality Light Duty Ice Cleats with Replaceable Spikes
When I say this is a consumer quality ice cleat I don't mean consumers shouldn't buy the professional quality ice cleats. I encourage you to buy professional ice cleats. That's because preventing a life-altering fall is so incredibly important.

Spare Spike may look similar to many other ice cleats in this category. But they're different. The spikes are durable tungsten carbide instead of carbon steel. Treads are more aggressive and self-cleaning for traction in deep snow and to prevent snow buildup.

Winter Walking has made industry leading ice cleats for over 35 years. They incorporated many of the features found in their professional ice cleats into Spare Spike.

Best Strap-On Heel Ice Cleats for Boots
Use Strap-On Heel Cleats when full size ice cleats are not an option. Includes situations whereby limiting the cleats to the heel section of shoes or boots...
  • insures compliance with company safety directives prohibiting wearing anything on footwear that might somehow inhibit operating foot controls while driving;
  • fully exposes the defined heel on shoes and boots to make climbing ladders safer; and
  • reduces the risk of slipping off foot rests while operating snowmobiles and ATVs or pedals while biking on snow and ice.

You'll get the best possible traction from a heel ice cleat because there are 10 well-distributed 2mm tungsten carbide studs... five on each Heel Grip. Replaceable straps extend useful life. Optional strap extensions fit bulky boots.

Best Gritted Non-Sparking Non-Conductive Ice Grippers
Gritted ice cleats are special purpose ice cleats used by businesses and rarely recommended for individuals. They're used by utilities, oil and gas operations, grain elevators or any place non-sparking and non-conductivity are essential.

Grips-Lite last far longer than competing gritted ice cleats because they use patented aluminum oxide bands. The bands refresh themselves as they wear.

Our products are very versatile and provide traction on a variety of slippery surfaces. Visit my Product Selection Guide to find out more.
Grippers for Strippers floor stripping protective overshoes are industry leader in preventing slips and falls and increasing productivity while mopping, stripping and waxing floors and keep shoes dry.
StabilGrippersStabilGrippers24.97 /pr.
StabilGrippers provide traction on wet floors and floors made slippery from vegetable and animal fats commonly found in the food processing and food service industries and car washes.
Grips-Lite JD3612Winter Walking Low-Pro Ice Cleats JD6610
45.97 /pr.
Grips-Lite also show up under the Ice Cleats category. They also provide excellent traction on oil, grease and chemical covered floors as well as wet, soapy cement floors.
Low-Pro JD6610Grips-Lite
35.47 /pr.
Low-Pro also show up under the Ice Cleats category. They're the perfect solution for preventing slips and falls in walk-in freezers.

Shoe attachments are less expensive than slip resistant shoes.

Why buy separate, expensive slip resistant shoes when you can simply stretch slip resistant footwear over almost any pair of your existing shoes... get far better traction than any rubber soled shoe... adapt your footwear to changing slippery conditions... and save money?

You'll find a state-of-the-art traction solution with important, patented features not found in competing products.

I feature innovative Winter Walking (formerly Jordan David) slip resistant footwear because... with over 30 years experience... they're the recognized industry leader in slips and falls prevention. No matter what slippery surface, or combination of slippery surfaces, you'll find an effective, low cost, common sense solution for minimizing slips and falls at

You'll find one shoe traction device that provides traction on several slippery conditions

View the Selection Guides to find traction devices that best suit your particular situation. You'll find slip resistant footwear specifically designed and optimized to reduce falls on the slippery surfaces most important to you and your crew while still being effective in other slippery conditions.

People are more likely to actually use Winter Walking traction devices.

  • They have exclusive, patented features that make them extremely easy to put on and take off.
  • You can wear some models both indoors and outdoors.
  • You can drive with certain models.
Visit my Product Selection Guide to find Slipresistant shoe attachments and overshoes for specific slippery conditions and occupations.

Can I wear ice cleats while I'm driving?

Yes, you can wear ice cleats when you drive but with some caveats. Visit Ice Cleats Safe to Wear While Driving to find out more.

What traction device do you recommend for working on roofs?

I don't recommend any of the traction devices on this website for roofers. The devices with the aggressive cleats you need for traction... especially on a sloping roof... will damage the roof. I recommend that you visit where you'll find traction devices specifically designed for roofers.

What are the best shoes for walking on ice?

Find out about shoes for gripping ice.