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My favorite products have been ice traction devices primarily for private use because they are incredibly effective. I had been using the products I sell for years and knew that they worked extremely well. But I ran into situations where the ice traction devices I sold did not meet the needs of some people particularly in industrial settings. This led me to search for alternatives and ultimately to Winter Walking (formerly Jordan David) products.

I was totally impressed by the incredible quality, effectiveness, flexibility and savings these products provide not only for preventing slips and falls on ice but in the scope of slippery conditions they address. My experience in the bottling industry made it obvious how these products will save you a fortune in preventing slips and falls on the production floor. You can tailor your selection of slip resistant footwear to the slick conditions... and combination of slippery conditions... most important to you and your employees' safety.

I try to make the website as informative and easy to use as possible. Please don't hesitate to make suggestions about how I can make it better or to suggest products you would like me to carry by emailing me at
I share one online payment processing gateway with all my online businesses. The charge on your credit statement will appear as PERFECTPRES.