Beware of Online Ice Cleats Reviews

Most People Who Do Ice Cleats Reviews Online Know Nothing About Ice Cleats

Be careful when you rely on online Ice Cleats Reviews. That’s because the overwhelming majority of people writing those “Top Reviews” know absolutely nothing about ice cleats. Their ignorance is a big problem because lousy advice can lead to severe consequences.

Many times the ## Best Ice Cleats Sites read and summarize reviews collected by other people or businesses. However, the problem is that the reviews they’re referencing are from people who may own but don’t understand ice cleats. You may wonder why customer reviews are not accurate.

  • Why would they lie?
  • If their Ice Cleats work well, that’s all that matters.

They’re not lying. However, ice cleats reviews may still be misleading. The problem is that almost any Ice Cleat is better than rubber or leather sole boots or shoes on ice. Therefore, in a before and after comparison, a mediocre Ice Cleat can get rave reviews.

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Average Ice Cleats Work Until One Day They Don’t

Marginal Ice Cleats work until the day

  • you take a step on black ice or other slippery surface and find out your ice cleats can’t handle it;
  • you’re walking on irregular ice or icy steps, and
    • no spike on your ice cleats makes contact with the ice; or
    • the one stud that does contact the ice isn’t aggressive enough, either because of poor design, wear, or failure, to achieve traction.
  • snow or other debris collects on the bottom of your ice cleats, rendering the spikes useless; or
  • finally, inferior straps either break or fail to keep your Ice Cleats aligned on your footwear or come off, causing you to slip and fall.

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Why Don’t Online Reviews Include Winter Walking Ice Cleats?

You don’t see Winter Walking Ice Cleats included in Online top reviews because Winter Walking primarily sells directly to large businesses. Those reviewers don’t know Winter Walking Ice Cleats exist.  Instead, they review recreational quality ice cleats sold throughout the Internet. Discover the difference between Professional and Recreational Ice Cleats.

Winter Walking is the industry leader and produces ice cleats with state-of-the-art new features large companies rely upon to prevent lost time accidents. Winter Walking Ice Cleats are primarily sold through industrial supply companies to avoid the chaos resulting from selling through typical online stores. I had to earn the right to sell Winter Walking Ice Cleats in my store. Update: Sadly, Winter Walking Ice Cleats are starting to show up on many online stores.

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Why People Who Give You Bad Advice About Ice Cleats Annoy Me

Here’s why.

Bad advice about

  • a coffee pot results in a lousy cup of coffee or having to replace your coffee maker after a short while;
  • a toaster results in awful toast or an appliance that’s not durable;
  • critically, the best ice cleats to buy can result in a severe and life-altering injury with devastating financial consequences for individuals, businesses, and their families.

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