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LOW-PRO Are Ice Cleats You'll Actually Use!
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LOW-PRO Ice Cleats on winter boots
LOW-PRO Ice Cleats Dual Material Construction
LOW-PRO Ice Cleats Transitional Traction
LOW-PRO Ice Cleats Front Straps
LOW-PRO Ice Cleats Heel Straps showing patented Dual Pull Tabs.
LOW-PRO Ice Cleats side view on winter boots and dress shoes.
LOW-PRO Ice Cleats showing a dogtooth surface that helps to prevent them from slipping out of place.
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LOW-PRO Sizing Chart

Fits Shoe Sizes
Based of Steel Tip Shoes
Men's Women's Footwear Length Range in Inches* Size
13½ + --- 14" - 14¾" XXL
11½ - 13 --- 13¼" ‹ 14" XL
9½ - 11 11.5+ 12¾" ‹ 13¼" L
7 - 9 9 - 11 11¾" ‹ 12¾" M
5 - 6½ 7 - 8½ 10¾" ‹ 11¾" S
*Measured on the bottom of your shoe or boot from the tip of the sole to the base of the heel.
If you have bulky or oversized boots, consider
Winter Walking
Ice Cleats
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Ice Cleats JD6610
$41.95 /pr.
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Buy Ankle Strap Kit JD3800*
Fits All Sizes
$4.47 /pr.
*Not included in Volume Discount

Why LOW-PRO Ice Cleats Are so Incredibly Popular

Watch this video to find out why you'll find LOW-PRO Ice Cleats on your footwear this winter instead of in the junk drawer in your garage.
LOW-PRO gives you industry-leading traction and safety while eliminating problems that make ordinary ice cleats too impractical, and too big of a hassle, for many people to use. That's why they're the very best and most popular ice cleats for
  • commuters;
  • people who live in cities and anyone frequently going in and out of buildings or their vehicles;
  • postal workers;
  • delivery and truck drivers; and
  • lastly, people who have problems putting ice cleats on and taking them off.
You can often leave LOW-PRO Ice Cleats on your footwear all day because you
  • can safely wear LOW-PRO ice cleats indoors and while driving;
  • get instant traction on all slick winter surfaces (not just some slippery surfaces like many ice cleats);
  • won't notice they're on your footwear because very light-weight;
  • get great wear because they're extremely durable, and
  • lastly, you can use them on all types of footwear.

Why You Can Wear LOW-PRO Ice Cleats Indoors and While Driving

The reason LOW-PRO Ice Cleats are so incredibly convenient, practical, and easy-to-live-with is because of a patented feature called Transitional Traction. LOW-PRO's 1mm studs minimally protrude beyond the tread. So, when you take a step, both the studs and the tread make contact with the surface so you
  • won't damage most floors;
  • get better traction on smooth, hard floors than you do with other ice cleats with longer spikes that can be very slippery on hard, smooth surfaces like tile and cement;
  • are much safer using ice cleats in cities because they give you much better traction on sewer grate covers, utility hole covers, floors in train stations, and the steps getting on and off mass transit; and
  • lastly, can safely wear them while you drive because the studs won't deeply penetrate the pedals that could damage them, and most critically, impede movement between the controls.

LOW-PRO Ice Cleats Features

  • You can safely wear LOW-PRO Ice Cleats indoors because Transitional Traction Technology allows both the tread and studs to make contact providing traction on smooth surfaces without damaging most floors.
  • LOW-PRO's 26 1mm Tungsten Carbide Studs 
    • provide excellent traction on ice and black ice;
    • are more studs than on any other stretch traction device; and
    • are molded in for greater retention, durability and comfort.
  • 1-piece molded proprietary synthetic compound straps 
    • are extremely durable;
    • resistant to chemicals and other contaminants;
    • have no memory and never stretch out of shape;
    • stay flexible at low temperatures; and
    • have a beneficial characteristic that grips the surface of your footwear to prevent it from slipping out of alignment.
  • Sole/Heel (colored) material is harder material than upper stretch portion so sole/heel have greater abrasion resistance and durability while upper has greater stretch.
  • Dimpled foot bed grabs the bottom of your shoe or boot to prevent the device from sliding out of place.
  • Aggressive tread pattern is self-cleaning and provides traction in deep snow, slush and mud.
  • Multiple ridges on the inside of the heel strap help to prevent ice cleats from slipping off the heel.
  • Easy On / Easy Off because... 
    • patented Dual Pull Tabs make it easier to grab hold of the ice cleats while stretching them over your shoes and boots;
    • patented Dual Density Construction makes it easier to stretch; and
    • Uni-Foot Design (No Left... No Right) eliminates the hassle of having to locate the left or right cleat.
  • Versatile and Ultra Convenient because LOW-PRO 
    • fits over all types of shoes and boots;
    • provides traction on all slippery winter surfaces including ice, packed snow, deep snow, slush and black ice; and
    • is safe to wear while driving.
  • Patented Open Design 
    • stays securely on footwear; and
    • is lightweight & compact.
  • Bright Colors Facilitate Compliance Monitoring. (Look at ALTRAGRIPS-LITE LOW PROFILE if you prefer all-black ice cleats)
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Sizes: JD6610-S Small JD6610-M Medium JD6610-L Large JD6610-XL Extra Large JD6610-XXL Extra Extra Large
  • MPN: JD6610
  • SKU: 141
  • Made in the Taiwan

Why LOW-PRO Traction is So Much Better

Winter Walking LOW-PRO Ice Cleats JD6610's excellent traction on rough and dense ice.

Aggressive, well-distributed studs are crucial on uneven ice because you want at least one stud to

  • make contact with ice at all times; and
  • penetrate and firmly grip the ice even in frigid temperatures when ice is denser.
Slippery Condition: Excellent Good N/A
Ice X    
Snow and Slush   X  
Black Ice X    
Fats     X
Chemicals     X
Oil     X
Soaps     X
Water and Other Liquids   X  
Mud Not Recommended
Safe for Driving   X  
Use Indoors   Yes  

You Get Great Traction and Stay Safer in All Slippery Conditions

You may be asking, "Don't all ice cleats protect you on all slippery winter surfaces"? Surprisingly, the answer is no! That's because many competing ice cleats are
  • either not effective or less-effective on black ice,
  • not designed to work in deep snow;
  • become useless when there's a thin layer of snow on top of the ice because the studs don't contact the ground; and
  • lastly, are less able and sometimes totally unable able to provide traction in frigid temperatures when ice is denser.

LOW-PRO Ice Cleats give you excellent or very good traction in all these conditions and more.

Read this page to find out why they give you superior traction and safety.

Find Out Why LOW-PRO Give You the Best Traction on Ice

26 1mm Studs Instantly Give You the Best Grip on Ice
Why Aggressive Studs Give You the Best Traction on Ice
Aggressive Studs are crucial because they're
  • far more effective on both regular and black ice;
  • especially critical on frigid, dense ice when less aggressive spikes, steel coils, and gritted ice cleats become ineffective;
  • essential for safety when walking on uneven ice because it's possible that only on stud may be in contact with the ice; and
  • safer to maintain traction of steep sidewalks, driveways, and other steep grades. (Note: If you regularly have to deal with steep, icy surfaces consider getting Winter Walking HIGH-PRO Ice Cleats that have 2mm studs.)
Why Tungsten Carbide Is the Best Material for Studs
Tungsten Carbide is several times harder and more durable than the carbon steel studs and stainless steel coils found on most competing products.
Well-Positioned Studs Are Crucial for Traction and Safety
That's because well-positioned studs ensure at least one aggressive stud will make contact with the ice no matter how uneven or rough it is.
Why Patented Heel Spikes Keep You Safer
Heel Spikes and well-positioned front spikes allow you to walk naturally. That's because your heel is the first thing to strike the ground when you take a normal step and the top of the sole is the last.

Many ice and snow traction devices force you to walk more flat-footed. Because walking flat-footed isn't natural, you will sometimes forget. One mistake can cause your heel to slip forward and out from under you, causing a serious fall.

Why Permanent, Molded-In Spikes Are Best
Here's why this is important.
  1. Non-Replaceable spikes are more comfortable because the mounting mechanism required with most replaceable spikes makes them thicker. The thick mounts create bumps and cause discomfort for some people. It's like standing on marbles especially over long periods of time.
  1. Permanently mounted studs have one less point of failure because replaceable studs pose a risk of falling out.
Obviously, when permanently mounted studs wear down you have to replace the ice cleats.

Find Out Why LOW-PRO Are Great in Deep Snow

LOW-PRO's Aggressive, Self-Cleaning Treads are very important.
  1. They give you traction in deep snow.
  2. Treads remain clean and effective. Treads are useless if they're clogged with snow or other debris; and
  3. Preventing snow and debris build-up helps to ensure the studs make contact with the ice. Contact with the ice is especially critical when there's a layer of snow on top of the ice.
Most competing ice cleats either
  • provide no traction in deep snow, or
  • actually reduce traction in deep snow because they block the treads on you shoes and boots.

Why LOW-PRO Keep People Even Safer and More Productive

It's Important That People Want to Wear Their Ice Cleats

That's because the best ice cleats in the world won't help reduce injuries if you, or your employees, find them too inconvenient and time-consuming to use. People want to wear ice cleats they can put on and leave on all day.

Practical Ice Cleats Improve Efficiency

Furthermore, everyone is more efficient because, depending on the situation, you can avoid spending a lot of time putting them on and taking them off.

Find Out Why LOW-PRO Are Very Easy to Put On

Here's how to put LOW-PRO on.
  • They're Uni-Foot, so you don't have to worry about left or right.
  • Place the toe of your shoe in the front strap. LOW-PRO Ice Cleats Front Straps
  • Then grab the two rear, textured Dual Pull Tabs, a patented Winter Walking exclusive feature, pulling the heel strap out, back, and over the heel. LOW-PRO Ice Cleats Dual Pull Tabs

It's also easier to put on because of Winter Walking's Dual Density Design. The rubber between the front of the shoe and the heel, where there is little or no wear, is thinner making the device easier to stretch.

Discover Why LOW-PRO Are More Durable Than Ordinary Ice Cleats

Ordinary ice cleats are less durable because the spikes and treads are made from material that must be flexible to stretch over your shoes and boots. Winter Walking's innovative, exclusive Dual Material Construction gives you far better wear. Here's why.
  • The treads are made from a less-flexible and tougher material for better wear.
  • Spikes are molded into the tougher tread material for better reliability.
  • The stronger tread material is machine bonded to the flexible upper straps.

Why LOW-PRO's Durable, Well-Designed Straps Are Crucial for Safety

LOW-PRO has professionally-designed straps that give you the most reliable traction and keep you safest. ice cleats can only work well if they're aligned and securely on your shoes and boots. Here's why LOW-PRO's straps work so well. The:
  • Bell-Shaped Design fits over the entire front of your shoe or boot and is the best way to keep an ice traction device securely in place.
  • Flat Strap Design is better than a round or oval strap because it provides more surface area, and therefore more friction against your footwear, to keep LOW-PRO from slipping out of place.
  • Proprietary Strap Material provides amazing resistance to sliding.
  • Patented Heel Design has a ridge that catches between the heel and the upper section of your shoes and boots to help keep the ice cleats from slipping down and off the back of your footwear.

Why Safety Manager's Appreciate LOW-PRO's Bright Colors

That's because bright colors make compliance monitoring easier.

For Individuals, delivery drivers, and others who may not want something less conspicuous or have attention drawn to themselves walking into businesses, consider all-black ALTRAGRIPS-LITE LOW PROFILE.

People Who Especially Appreciate LOW-PRO Ice Cleats

  • Anyone Who Finds It Difficult to Put Ice Cleats On and Take Off
  • Anyone Who Frequently Goes In and Out of Doors
  • Blind People

Discover How Customers Like LOW-PRO Ice Cleats

General Comments: No additional comments.
Gina C. Oscoda, MI 01/22/20
5.00 I absolutely love my new slip-resistant rubbers...
General Comments: I absolutely love my new slip-resistant rubbers. They are of the highest quality, beautifully made. They are very light weight to wear and super easy to put on yourself. I have trouble walking and they have given me great protection from falling on snow and ice. I have already recommended them to a number of people. They cost a little more than some other brands but more than worth it! You have a wonderful product and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants more security on snow and ice!
Patricia O. Milwaukee, WI 01/21/20
4.00 These are easy to put on my boots
General Comments: These are easy to put on my boots and they work very well on ice and packed snow. You need to take them off inside - they are very slippery on tile floors and could damage wood floors.
Ann M. Rochester, NY 01/21/20
Store Comments:
I do not recommend walking on wood floors and I try to emphasize that on my site. I was surprised to hear you found them slippery on tile floors.
5.00 I think they're a good choice for occasional users...
General Comments: I wear the LOW-PRO when clearing snow off the driveway and sidewalk. The studs are less aggressive, so they're safe on the floor and easier to walk on outside. The trade-off is that they'll slip if there's enough snow on top of the ice. However, I've never actually gone down, as I did before I bought them. I think they're a good choice for occasional users, like me. The HIGH-PRO cleats are pretty long.
Jed D. West Bend, WI 01/19/20
5.00 These were awesome!
General Comments: These were awesome! The only ice cleat I found that you could wear indoors and outdoors!
Janelle H. Regina, SK 01/18/20
General Comments: No additional comments.
Krista D. Bellefonte, PA 01/18/20
4.00 Provide good traction.
General Comments: The toes could be a bit larger for heavy steel toed winter boots. Provide good traction. I would not wear them on softer floors like wood or vinyl as they will still cause some damage.
Sean L. Timmins, ON 02/08/16
Store Comments:
I do not recommend walking on wood floors. I went back and modified the web pages to emphasize this as well warning against walking on non-commercial vinyl floors.
5.00 I am sold on the LOW-PRO!
General Comments: As a mail carrier, I'm constantly walking outdoors on slippery sidewalks, but needed a cleat that would allow me to periodically walk in buildings also. These are the only cleats I found that makes this transition. I've recommended them to the other carriers in my office. This is the first season I've worn them and hope they continue to hold up well. Either way, I am sold on the LOW-PRO!
Lisa M. Moose Lake, MN 02/07/16
General Comments: No additional comments.
Michael A. Charles City, IA 02/06/16
5.00 I am sold on the LOW-PRO!
General Comments: I also own a pair of Yak-traks and they work great on ice but are extremely tough to put off and on and if you get on concrete with them it is almost worst than being on ice!
Kenneth D. Ramsey, MN 02/03/16
5.00 I had no problem driving.
General Comments: These new ice cleats work well walking and jogging on steep hills covered with ice. As with all footwear, I knew I had to be more careful on less stable surfaces. Indoors, I used them yesterday on hard slippery tile. I walked with care as I knew having tiny metal points on the surface was dangerous. Again, with care, I had no problems. I keep them on my dog walking boots as long as winter and ice remains. They were snug to put on, but you need this to keep them on. I had no problem driving. However, I know wearing them over several winters would cause wear on my plastic floor mats. I'm not sure how they would do on carpet.
Robin H. Anchorage, AK 02/03/16
Store Comments:
I don't recommend LOW-PRO for jogging. I would instead recommend HIGH-PRO Ice Cleats with the longer 2mm studs.
5.00 I am sold on the LOW-PRO!
General Comments: The staff at our company purchased the ice cleats and have spoken very highly of them.
Kelly K. Honesdale, PA 02/02/16
5.00 I am sold on the LOW-PRO!
General Comments: No additional comments.
Tita H. Ester, AK 01/30/16

Answers to Very Helpful Questions About LOW-PRO

Do you sell ice cleats that provide better traction than LOW-PRO?
Yes and No. LOW-PRO provides the best traction for an ice cleat you can wear indoors. Winter Walking HIGH-PRO Ice Cleats provide ultimate traction on ice, snow, packed snow, slush, and black ice because they have longer 2mm Tungsten Carbide Studs. However, longer studs will damage the floors. They're also more slippery on sewer grates and utility hole covers. There's always a trade-off between performance and convenience. If you don't mind constantly putting on and taking off ice cleats, I'll always recommend the more aggressive models.
What if a store has a sign requiring customers to remove their ice cleats?
You have to take them off. It's their store. Furthermore, do you want to the one who has to explain the virtues of LOW-PRO Ice Cleats to the store owner and every other person in the store who did have to remove their ice cleats?
Are LOW-PRO available in all black?
No. The bright orange color is a helpful feature for companies because it helps managers monitor safety compliance. However, many individuals prefer something more subdued. Look at ALTRAGRIPS-LITE LOW PROFILE Ice Cleats.
Where can buy LOW-PRO Ice Cleats?
Winter Walking LOW-PRO Ice Cleats are currently only available online. My store is the best place to buy ice cleats because I give you discounts, same day order processing, fast USPS Priority and UPS shipping, and free size exchanges. However, the most crucial reason to buy from me is because you get unmatched customer support both before and after the sale.

You Get a Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee

Compare LOW-PRO to any other brand of ice cleats. You'll immediately notice the superior quality of a professionally-designed, heavy-duty ice cleat compared to recreational-grade ice cleats. It's obvious why Winter Walking Ice Cleats keep you safer.

Winter injuries are serious and often life-changing. No ice cleats can guarantee you won't slip on the ice. So, why would you settle for ordinary ice cleats when for a few dollars more you can get ice cleats that minimize the risk? Furthermore, professional ice cleats last twice as long. Therefore the annual cost of ownership is less than for less-effective ice cleats.

Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee
If you ever don't agree that LOW-PRO Ice Cleats are the most convenient ice cleats you've ever owned, return them for a full refund and I'll pay the return freight.
Do you still have Questions?
Call me at 610-670-2549.

Crucial Ice Cleats Sizing Advice

  1. You can go by the shoe sizes. However, the actual size of the shoe or boot can vary significantly for the same foot size. So option two below is a better way to select the correct size.
  2. Measure the length of your shoe or boot. Measure the bottom from the tip of the sole to the base of the heel. Measure on "the flat", don't wrap around. We want the length. Then find the size on the sizing chart with the Footwear Length Range that spans the length of your footwear. Measure carefully. Measure twice. Our goal is to get you the right size on the first try to make you as safe as possible as soon as possible.
Ice cleats sizes are unisex and fit men's and women's shoes and boots according to the sizing charts.
Always try your ice cleats on as soon as you receive them for two reasons.
  1. You want to be ready for the bad weather. Don't wait until the ice is on the ground to find out you need a size exchange.
  2. I can't do free size exchanges for ice cleats that have been used because I can't resell them.

What should I do if the length of my shoe or boot is extremely close to the breakpoint of a size range? Should I choose the next larger size? For example, assume the length of your boot or shoe is just under 12½". You look at the specific size chart for ice cleats you're buying. Assume for this example the Medium has size range of 11½" to < 12½" and a Large is 12½" to < 13". For regular shoes and work shoes, stick with the smaller of the two sizes you're considering. If you're planning to use your ice cleats on heavier winter boots, choose the bigger size.

I'm planning to use the ice cleats on both my shoes and boots. But they're different lengths. What should I do?

If the difference in length is small, order the size for the larger boots. Purchase the optional Ankle Strap to use when you use the ice cleats on your shoes. The ankle strap will make sure they stay on. If the difference in length is significant, you may need two sizes of ice cleats. That's because you want the ice cleats to be snug, so they not only stay on your footwear but also stay aligned.

I have a large company. There's no way I can measure everyone's footwear.

I understand. Go by shoe sizes. I'll be happy to exchange sizes later on. However, please make sure you haven't used the ice cleats outdoors.

Is the measuring technique 100% accurate?

Nope. It's accurate most of the time. Measuring is far superior to go by shoe size. 
Ice Cleat Ankle Straps
Winter Walking Ice Cleats fit securely on most shoes and boots. Most people do not need or use the Ankle Strap. However, Ankle Straps add an additional level of comfort, knowing your ice cleats will stay on your footwear. It's more critical to consider Ankle Straps if you

Ice Cleats and Shoe Attachment Volume Discounts

Your discounts are Here's how the Volume Discount shows in your cart. This example shows a 10% discount. Your actual discount will depend upon my current discount policy and the quantity purchased.
Ice Cleats Volume Discounts

What Free Ice Cleats Size Exchanges Means

No store works harder than we do to get ice cleats sizing right on the first try. If you measure your footwear as I advise you to do in my Sizing Tips, Size Exchanges are rare. However, when Size Exchanges are necessary

This policy is consistent with and exceeds competing stores Free Exchanges policies. If you have questions, please call me at 610-670-2549.

The last thing I want is for you to be disappointed in your purchase or feel that I mislead you or treated you unfairly. So, in the unlikely event you're not totally satisfied with your ice cleats or shoe traction devices purchased from me, I'll refund your money and pay for the return freight. Call me at 610-670-2549.

My satisfaction guarantee is unconditional. However, I'll ask you why you're not satisfied because I want to know if

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