Ice Cleats Store and Buyer's Guide

"The more you know about the consequences of injuries resulting from slipping on the ice, the more you realize you need Ice Cleats. The more you know about Ice Cleats, the more you realize you need Winter Walking Ice Cleats."
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Ice CleatsIce Cleats You Can Trust to Keep You Safest

Legend: (1) Safe to wear while driving. (2) Safe to wear indoors.
Ice Cleats for Boots and Shoes

We don't sell every brand of Ice Cleats. We only sell the best Ice Cleats based on 16+ years of experience.

HIGH-PRO Ice Cleats
39.95 /pr.
Best Traction
Highly Recommended Ice Grips Check MarkWinter Walking SPARE SPIKE
Ice CleatsSPARE SPIKE Ice Cleats
24.95 /pr.
Replaceable Spikes
Highly Recommended Ice Grips Check MarkWinter Walking EASY SPIKE™ Ice CleatsEASY SPIKE Ice Cleats
23.95 /pr.
Best Low-Cost Ice Cleats
Highly Recommended Ice Grips Check MarkWinter Walking GRIPS-LITE
Ice Cleats
39.95 /pr.
Non-Sparking and Non-Conductive (1) (2)
Yaktrax Walk
Ice CleatsYaktrax Walk Ice Cleats
18.00 /pr.
Spikeless Ice Cleats (2)
Yaktrax Pro
Ice CleatsYaktrax Pro Ice Cleats
28.97 /pr.
Heavier Duty Spikeless Ice Cleats (2)
Need help deciding which Ice Cleats are best for you?
Read the information on this page, or call me at 610-670-2549.

Heavy Duty Ice Cleats Best Ice Cleats by Category

Full-Sole Heavy Duty Ice Cleats Most Effective, Heavy Duty, Full-Sole, Pull-On, Studded Ice Cleats

These are the Ice Cleats you want to be wearing on that treacherous, steep icy hill, driveway, or ice-covered steps. This Category of Ice Cleats
  • Gives you ultimate, instant traction on ice, packed snow, loose snow, and black ice because they have 2mm durable, well-distributed tungsten carbide studs and aggressive, self-cleaning treads. You won't find any other stretch-over Ice Cleats that reduce your risk of winter slips and falls more.
  • Must be removed before going indoors because the 2mm studs will damage most floors and are slippery on hard, smooth surfaces.

Highly Recommended Check Mark Highly Recommended E = Excellent  G = Good NA = Not Applicable NR = Not Recommended
Winter Walking HIGH-PRO Ice Cleats keep you the safest, period. They're the Ice Cleats I want myself, my family and you to be wearing when walking on that treacherous icy sidewalk, parking lot or sloped driveway.

HIGH-PRO are industry-leading, durable, professional-grade Ice Cleats with new proprietary, patented features. 26 optimally-placed Tungsten Carbide Studs and aggressive self-cleaning treads give you unparalleled, instant traction and protection from slips and falls in all winter slick conditions.

I recommend these Ice Cleats to anyone who does not mind or is physically capable of, taking them off and putting them back on when going in and out of doors.
Slippery Condition Other
Ice Snow Slush Black
Safe to
Wear Indoors
for Driving
Traction 26 Well-Positioned Non-Replaceable 2mm Tungsten Carbide Studs Including Heal Spikes. Spikes at front of footwear and Heel Spikes allow you to walk naturally. There are no special skills to learn.
Treads Aggressive & Self-Cleaning
Straps Wide, Proprietary Compound Stays on Shoes and Boots. Easy On/Easy Off. Ankle Strap Available at Additional Cost.

Full-Sole Heavy Duty Transitional Traction Ice Cleats Full-Sole Studded Ice Cleats You Can Wear Indoors and While Driving

This Ice Cleats Category
  • balances practicality with effectiveness; and
  • are safe to wear while driving and on most indoor floors.
Transitional Traction Ice Cleats use 1mm Tungsten Carbide Studs that
  • minimally protrude beyond the tread so that both the studs and treads contact the floor; and
  • give you excellent traction on ice, packed snow, loose snow, and black ice.

Most of the time you'll be able to put them on and keep them on all day!

Your traction is not as good as 2mm studs especially when there's a thin layer of snow on top of the ice. However, if your choice is a reduced level of protection vs. no protection because 2mm Ice Cleats are too bothersome to wear, the decision to opt for 1mm Ice Cleats is a no-brainer.

One of our most popular Ice Cleats!
LOW-PRO Ice Cleats
$ 39.95  /pr.
LOW-PRO Ice Cleats are my top recommendation.
Slippery Condition Other
Ice Snow Slush Black
Safe to
Wear Indoors
for Driving
Traction 26 Well-Positioned Non-Replaceable 1mm Tungsten Carbide Studs Including Heal Spikes. Spikes at front of footwear and Heel Spikes allow you to walk naturally... there are no special skills to learn.
Treads Aggressive & Self-Cleaning
Straps Wide, Proprietary Compound Stays on Shoes and Boots. Easy On/Easy Off. Ankle Strap Available at Additional Cost.

AltraGrips-Lite Low Profile
Slippery Condition Other
Ice Snow Slush Black
Safe to
Wear Indoors
for Driving
Traction 26 Well-Positioned Non-Replaceable 1mm Tungsten Carbide Studs Including Heal Spikes
Straps Wide, Proprietary Compound Stays on Shoes and Boots. Easy On/Easy Off. Ankle Strap Available at Additional Cost.

The newer LOW-PRO Ice Cleats give you even better traction than AltraGrips-Lite because they have more

  • studs;
  • aggressive treads;
  • durable materials; and
  • wider, more effective straps.

I continue to carry AltraGrips-Lite because

  • they come in size XS and XXL not currently available in the LOW-PRO; and
  • some people prefer black to the brightly colored bottoms on the newer LOW-PRO model.
If your size is available and color doesn't matter I would recommend you choose the LOW-PRO. The additional studs and improvements to the tread, straps, materials and overall construction make them better Ice Cleats. Also, the newer models less expensive.

Lite-Duty Full-Sole Ice Cleat Lite-Duty Full-Sole Studded Ice Cleats

Lite-Duty Ice Cleats
  • are recommended for infrequent use or for frequent use for short periods of time; and
  • are more economical, making it easier for employers to afford to protect all employees.

Winter Walking Lite-Duty Ice Cleats have many of the features found it their Heavy-Duty models. Therefore, these Lite-Duty Ice Cleats' quality exceeds the quality found in the Recreational-Grade Ice Cleats you find in most sporting goods, hardware, and department stores that often refer to their Ice Cleats as Heavy Duty.

My goal in running this store is to do everything possibly to stop you from slipping on the ice and seriously injuring yourself. I always recommend my Heavy Duty Ice Cleats. Yes, my Lite-Duty Ice Cleats are the best in their class. Nevertheless, Heavy-Duty Ice Cleats are better at reducing the risk of an injury that can change your whole life in an instant.

Slippery Condition Other
Ice Snow Slush Black
Safe to
Wear Indoors
for Driving
Traction 16 Well-Positioned Replaceable 2mm Tungsten Carbide Studs. These DO NOT Have Heal Spikes
Treads Provides Traction on Snow and Slush and Self-Cleaning
Straps Wide Straps Stay Securely on Shoes and Boots. Ankle Strap Available at Additional Cost.

Spare Spike are lite-duty Ice Cleats with replaceable spikes that offer many of the features found in the heavier-duty Winter Walking Ice Cleats shown on this page. My only concern is the lack of heal spikes. But no competing Ice Cleats in this price category have them either.

Spare Spike will work with women's high heel shoes and boots because you can remove the back half of the Ice Cleats. Use the Trim Line as a guide.

Spare Spike is for occasional use like when you walk to the mailbox or across an icy parking lot. Businesses buy them to offer injury protection for all employees including office personnel.

Slippery Condition Other
Ice Snow Slush Black
Safe to
Wear Indoors
for Driving
Traction 22 2mm Carbon Steel Studs
Treads Aggressive
Straps Wide, Proprietary Compound Stays on Shoes and Boots. Easy On/Easy Off. Ankle Strap Available at Additional Cost.

Easy Spike Ice Cleats are Prosumer-Quality Ice Cleats. Ice Spikes look like many of the Recreational-Grade or Consumer-Grade Ice Cleats you find in most hardware, sporting goods, and department stores. But Ice Spikes include features from Winter Walking's Professional-Grade Ice Cleats. Those advanced features overcome many of the shortcomings common to ordinary Consumer-Grade Ice Grips.

  • 22 Molded-In 2mm Carbonized Steel Studs
  • Straps have Low Temp Elasticity for Guaranteed Stretch
  • Lightweight, Compact and Fold-able

Full-Sole Spike-Less Ice Cleats Yaktrax Spikeless Ice Cleats

Yaktrax are light-duty traction devices that give you improved traction on ice and packed snow only. Yaktrax have limitations.
  • Spikeless Ice Cleats do not provide traction in deep snow or black ice.
  • Ice Cleats with wound steel coils become less effective in frigid temperatures when ice becomes denser.
  • And while Yaktrax will not damage most interior floors, they must be removed before walking on smooth, dry surfaces. You must remove them because the coils can be extremely slippery on these types of floors typically found in grocery stores, drugs stores, and he post office.
  • I do not recommend using Yaktrax in the city because steel coils can be very slippery on surfaces like
    • sewer grates;
    • utility hole covers;
    • steps on mass transit; and
    • on marble, brick or tile floors.
Choosing the best Yaktrax model for your unique situation can be confusing. Visit my Yaktrax main page to help you decide if the Walk or Pro is best for you.
Slippery Condition Other
Ice Snow Slush Black
Safe to
Wear Indoors
for Driving
Traction 1.2mm Hand-Wound Stainless Steel Coils
provide hundreds of biting edges.
Treads Not Applicable
Straps Elastomer Compound flexible to -41°F.
Easy On/Easy Off. Fold-able and Lightweight.
Slippery Condition Other
Ice Snow Slush Black
Safe to
Wear Indoors
for Driving
Traction 1.4mm Hand-Wound Stainless Steel Coils
provide hundreds of biting edges.
Treads Not Applicable
Straps Real Rubber Compound are thicker and stronger than the elastomer straps found on the Yaktrax Walk. Flexible to -41°F.
Easy On/Easy Off. Fold-able and Lightweight.

Heel-Only Transitional Ice Cleats Heel-Only Strap-On Ice Cleats

Use strap-on heel cleats when full-size Ice Cleats are not an option. Situations prohibiting full-size Ice Cleats include
  • compliance with company safety directives prohibiting wearing anything on footwear that might somehow inhibit operating foot controls while driving;
  • requiring a fully exposed defined heel on shoes and boots to make climbing ladders safer; and
  • reducing the risk of slipping off foot rests while operating snowmobiles and ATVs or pedals while biking on snow and ice.

Slippery Condition Other
Ice Snow Slush Black
Safe to
Wear Indoors
for Driving
Traction 14 Well-Positioned Replaceable 2mm Tungsten Carbide Studs Including Heal Spikes
Treads Aggressive & Self-Cleaning
Straps Rubber Compound with Ankle Strap.
Heel Grips JD325 replace Winter Walking HEEL GRIPS JD250. JD325 has four additional 2mm tungsten carbide studs for better traction on ice, snow, packed snow, slush, and black ice.

Slippery Condition Other
Ice Snow Slush Black
Safe to
Wear Indoors
for Driving
Traction 14 Well-Positioned Replaceable 1mm Tungsten Carbide Studs Including Heal Spikes
Treads Aggressive & Self-Cleaning
Straps Rubber Compound with Ankle Strap.

Full-Sole Gritted Ice Cleats Gritted Ice Cleats (Non-Sparking, Non-Conductive)

Gritted Ice Cleats are used in circumstances where non-sparking and non-conductivity are critical like in oil and gas, around explosives, electric utilities, and grain elevators. I do not recommend Gritted Ice Cleats for general use. Gritted Ice Cleats become less effective in frigid temperatures when ice is denser.
Slippery Condition Other
Ice Snow Slush Black
Safe to
Wear Indoors
for Driving
Oil & Grease Fats Soaps Chemicals Liquids  
G G G G G  
Traction 5 Aluminum Oxide Bands "renew" themselves as they wear. Reduce slips and falls by 40 to 50%.
Treads Bands Act as Treads in Snow.
Straps Wide, Proprietary Compound Stays on Shoes and Boots. Easy On/Easy Off. Ankle Strap Available at Additional Cost.

GRIPS-LITE gritted shoe attachments are non-sparking, non-conductive and versatile improving traction on oil, grease, ice, snow, slush, wet floors and more. These are special purpose Ice Cleats used around oil and gas, grain storage or milling or any application sparking and conductivity are an issue.

If you are a typical consumer, you do not want Gritted Ice Cleats because they're less effective and less durable that studded Ice Cleats.

Ice Cleats Purpose Symbol Best Cleats for People, Places, and Use

Your Activities

Your Convenience Preferences

If you're

  • looking for the most reliable and effective Ice Cleats available;
  • not using Ice Cleats in the city or for commuting; and
  • lastly, not concerned about removing your Ice Cleats before going indoors; choose
HIGH-PRO Ice Cleats$ 39.95/pr.
Winter Walking HIGH-PRO Ice Cleats JD6625

If you're

  • looking for ultra-convenient Ice Cleats you can safely wear on most indoor floors and while driving;
  • using Ice Cleats in the city or for commuting; and
  • lastly, unable or unwilling to remove your Ice Cleats before going indoors; choose
LOW-PRO Ice Cleats$ 39.95/pr.
Winter Walking LOW-PRO Ice Cleats JD6625

If you're

  • looking for reliable, lower-cost Lite-Duty Ice Cleats for occasional use;
  • not using Ice Cleats in the city or for commuting; and
  • lastly, not concerned about removing your Ice Cleats before going indoors; choose

People With Physical Limitations

Places and Conditions Where You Use Ice Cleats

Your Occupation and Business Type

Ice Cleats Frequently Asked Questions Ice Cleats FAQs

Can I wear Ice Cleats while driving?
It depends on how aggressive they are and the design of the straps. Visit Ice Cleats Safe to Wear While Driving to find out more.
Must I remove my Ice Cleats before going indoors?
Generally speaking, you do. However, I sell Ice Cleats you can safely wear on most indoor floors without causing damage. Visit Winter Walking LOW-PRO Ice Cleats.
Why do so many recreational grade Ice Cleats get good reviews?

Almost any Ice Cleat is better than no Ice Cleats. Therefore, it's the user's base frame of reference. What you don't read about is when the seemingly reliable Ice Cleats later fail.

For example, when the unsuspecting user steps on

  • black ice;
  • a steeper incline; or
  • on surfaces where the Ice Cleats were previously effective but now fail because of ware on an inferior spike design.
Why do you sell Yaktrax?
Yaktrax have an almost cult-like following. Therefore, I'm once again selling Yaktrax Walk and Yaktrax Pro by popular demand.

Exclamation Point Important Things to Consider When You Buy Ice Cleats?

You become a knowledgeable shopper by understanding why some Ice Cleats work so much better than others. Here are some critical things to consider when choosing the best Ice Cleats.

Traction Methods

Spiked (Studded) Ice Cleats

Why Spiked Ice Cleats Give You the Best Traction
The most important factor for traction and safety on ice is penetration. Penetrating the ice depends on the aggressiveness of the traction method.

Aggressive traction methods become even more critical

  • in frigid temperatures when ice becomes denser. Therefore, Ice Cleats that work well a 28°F might not work as well or at all at 15°F. Here's another way to understand this idea. A low-quality or dull nail will work just fine for penetrating soft pine and be useless for hardwoods like oak.
  • on steep hills. An Ice Cleat that works on flat terrain can't handle slopes with the increased g force.
What makes these situations worse is that you build false confidence in your Ice Cleat's ability to provide traction in all situations. Spikes provide the best traction because of the more aggressive the point of contact the better the penetration into the ice.

Studded Ice CleatsPlace your hand against the bottom of an Ice Cleat with steel coils. Now do the same, for example, a HIGH-PRO Ice Cleat. What does your common sense tell you?

Of course the HIGH-PRO is better at penetrating ice. The traction provided by just one aggressive stud on the HIGH-PRO substantially exceeds the combined grip of the steel coils on both the right and left Ice Cleats.

Spike Design
The shape of the spike is important. Some spikes, particularly non-Tungsten Carbide Spikes, are tapered. Tapered studs are designed that way because they're not as strong. However, as tapered studs wear down, they become less aggressive and effective.

Tungsten Carbide Studs are uniform and remain equally aggressive and effective throughout their service life. 2mm studs are best. 1mm studs will give you excellent traction if they come in contact with the surface.
Sometimes a layer of snow covers the top of the ice or ice is uneven. Therefore 2mm studs have a better chance of coming in contact with the ice because they're longer than 1mm studs. Lastly, 2mm studs last longer.
Number of Spikes
More spikes are generally better. However, if you distribute your weight over too many points of contact, it's like the bed of nails trick at a sideshow. The spikes (or studs) don't penetrate the ice.
Spike Distribution
The Spike Distribution is critical since you always want at least one spike to be in contact with the ice. Stud Distribution is especially critical on uneven ice. Many Ice Cleats are terrible in this respect.
Heel Spikes are Critical
Ice Cleats Heel SpikeLook for a Heel Spike. Your heal is the first thing to strike the ground when you take a normal, natural step. If there's no Heel Spike to contact the ice your foot slips forward and out from under you. The other spikes never make contact with the ice to save you. Also, once you lose traction is tough to get it back.
Ice cleats without heal spikes force you to walk more flat-footed which isn't natural. Since it's not natural, it's easy to forget. If you accidentally take a normal step, and you could slip and fall.
Spike Material
Tungsten Carbide Spikes are far more durable and last several times longer than carbon steel spikes and tens of times longer than steel coils.
Replaceable Studs
Replaceable Studs
  • extend the life of the Ice Cleats;
  • can be less comfortable because of the bump on the foot bed resulting from the mounting mechanism; and
  • increase the chance of losing one or more while in use thereby increasing the chance of falling.
Non-Replaceable Studs are more comfortable and more secure. However, the Ice Cleats obviously have to be replaced when they wear out.
Ice Cleats With Replaceable Screws
Screws are a form if stud. Manufacturers make screws from tempered carbon steel. They rely on an edge surrounding the screw head for traction, which tends to wear smooth rather quickly. The good news is that you can easily replace them.
But while you should always inspect your Ice Cleats no matter what type you have, few people do remember to check them before venturing out. After replacements, the screws are not always as secure. If you lose one that's just the one that you might need the most to prevent a fall.
Ice Cleats That Use Chains
The ones I'm familiar with have a gripping sawtooth design are effective and durable but best suited for off-road running and hiking. However, the area of contact with the ice becomes larger as they wear down and the traction decreases.

Some chain designs have a roller barrel with edges. As the name implies, they tend to "roll" especially on flat smooth surfaces.

Chains can become a tripping hazard and can trap debris.

Wound Stainless Steel Coils
YAKTRAX are the most popular Ice Cleats in the United States and use wound stainless steel coils. Here are some crucial things to consider regarding Spikeless Ice Cleats.
  • Wound coils provide hundreds of gripping edges more than studded Ice Cleats. They have to because the gripping edges are not aggressive. It takes tens if not hundreds of gripping edges to equal a single aggressive stud.
  • Coiled Ice Cleats are not effective for deep snow, slush or black ice and become less effective as temperatures drop, causing ice to become denser.
  • Stainless steel coils tend to wear down rapidly, especially if the user frequently walks on bare spots not covered by ice and snow. A typical user gets one season or less of use.
  • While they won't damage most types of floors, you must remove this type of Ice Cleat before going indoors or on to most forms of transportation. That's because walking on a smooth, dry floor while wearing this type of Ice Cleat is extremely slippery and dangerous.
  • Users must be careful using spike-less Ice Cleats in the city because they're extremely slippery when you step on a sewer grate, manhole cover or smooth, hard surface like marble or bricks.
  • The initial cost is lower than Professional Ice Cleats. However, Ice Cleats with steel coils require frequent replacement.
  • Not suited for off-road use.
  • Not suited for environments where sparking is an issue or climbing is required.
Gritted Ice Cleats
I don't recommend Gritted Ice Cleats for general use. Gritted Ice Cleats are for use in non-sparking, non-conductive conditions like for use around oil and gas operations, grain elevators, electric and gas utilities, and around explosives. Gritted Ice Cleats are far less effective than studded Ice Cleats especially on extremely cold, dense ice.

Treads and the Tread Design Are Crucial for Traction on Snow And Ice

Ice Cleats Tread should be aggressive so that your Ice Cleats reduce the risk of slipping on all mixes of cold, slippery conditions including ice, snow, packed snow, slush, and black ice. The tread design must work with the studs to protect you. Many Ice Cleats offer no tread at all and rely on the bottom of your shoe or boot. Even worse, Ice Cleats without treads impede the function of the treads on your boots.
Self-Cleaning Treads are critical. Studs, coils or any method of traction is useless if snow buildup on the bottom of your shoe or boot prevents them from contacting the ice. You want an aggressive, self-cleaning tread design that cuts through that layer of snow or your feet will go right out from under you.

Strap Design and Durability

Straps are critical. Here's why
  • Ice cleats have to be easy to put on and take off. If they're not you won't use them. It's the one time you step out the door in a hurry and don't put them on is the time you get hurt.
  • Your Ice Cleats must remain securely in place and aligned on your footwear for the studs and tread design to work properly.
  • Look for wider straps because the offer more gripping surface are to keep them in place.
  • Strap Materials must maintain elasticity over time.
  • Straps Must Remain Flexible a very low temperatures making the Ice Cleats easy to put on and remove on the coldest days.
  • Ice Cleats should stay securely on your footwear in deep, wet snow without having to rely on an additional strap across the top of the shoe. There's nothing wrong with the extra strap other than it's just one more thing to fiddle with when you're in a hurry. And there will always be times you'll have to take them off and put them back on. So you want things to be as easy as possible.
  • Strap Durability is a major safety consideration. Imagine yourself in the middle an icy parking lot when a strap suddenly breaks. You're in big trouble. All straps can and will eventually break. However, buying high-quality Ice Cleats reduces the risk.

Overall Durability Is a Critical Safety Consideration

When most people think about quality and durability, they're thinking about getting their money's worth. That's the least of your problems regarding quality and Ice Cleats. You're in trouble when
  • you're walking across a treacherous icy parking lot and a strap brakes, and you're down to one Ice Cleat, or
  • you take that next step and one or more of your studs is worn down, bent or missing altogether.
People often say "I'll replace the cleats because they weren't that expensive". Not in the middle of that icy parking lot you won't. I try to emphasize throughout this website that it only takes a fraction of a second to sustain a life-altering injury. Please, for your and your employees' sake, buy high-quality, well-designed Ice Cleats.

Can the straps break or something go wrong with a stud on heavy-duty, industrial quality Ice Cleats? Absolutely! But the risk is greatly reduced. Reducing your risk is what it's all about.

Question Mark Why Is Choosing the Best Ice Cleats so Important?

"Watch this video. Does it bring back any unpleasant memories? Well, it does for me because I hate walking on ice! So, it's particularly rewarding to help other people be safer."

People Who Already Know Why Ice Cleats Are Crucial

There are two groups of people who already completely understand why choosing the right Ice Cleats is crucial. You may already be a member. If not, and by reading this page, you'll reduce your chances of becoming a member.

Have You Already Been Injured From Falling on Ice and Snow?

Every year, I get calls from people looking for the best possible Ice Cleats who have already slipped and injured themselves. As you already know, slipping on the ice is serious and can cause painful and serious
  • head injuries,
  • broken hips,
  • sprained a muscles and ligaments,
  • herniated disks, and
  • lastly, compression fractures.
Once you've suffered one of these injuries, you never want it to happen again.
Many times you never fully recover because the pain nags and persists for weeks, months, years, and sometimes forever. In extreme cases, you can't work or participate in your favorite pastimes. It's a personal and financial disaster.

Most people were not wearing Ice Cleats when they fell. However, many people were wearing Ice Cleats they couldn't have been happier with up until the day they failed. They found out the hard way that there are big differences in how well different brands of Ice Cleats protect you. Some discovered that their Ice Cleats caused the fall!

If you haven't been injured, you definitely want to take steps to avoid an ice injury.

Are You a Business Owner or Safety Manager Incurring Lost-Time Accidents?

If fall into this group, you have often made two common mistakes buying Ice Cleats. You
  • Waited until bad weather already arrived. Employees were slipping and getting injured and needed Ice Cleats immediately. You were under pressure to solve the problem fast and didn't have time to shop for the best Ice Cleats. So, you bought whatever Ice Cleats you could find locally or online from any store that could ship immediately. After all, isn't any Ice Cleat better than nothing? Well yes, and as you'll discover on this website, not always. That's because choosing the wrong Ice Cleats can increase injuries.
  • Selected Ice Cleats based upon price alone. You soon discovered that
    • No Ice Cleat is more expensive than cheap, unreliable Ice Cleats that result in just one incredibly expensive lost-time accident.
    • Reliable, professional Ice Cleats have a lower cost of ownership than Recreational Ice Cleats because professional Ice Cleats last several times longer.
    • Lastly, you'll also find out reading this page that durability is a critical safety consideration, not just a cost issue.

All Ice Cleats Are Not the Same

Your safety while walking on ice is not a "slam dunk" regardless of what Ice Cleats you're wearing. As I say throughout this website, Ice Cleats cannot guarantee you won't fall on ice. Ice Cleats can only reduce your risk. Choosing the right Ice Cleats minimizes the risk of a fall. Selecting the wrong Ice Cleats can increase your risk. Worse yet, mediocre Ice Cleats may make you feel overconfident. Here's why.
Wearing Ice Cleats that don't work on all slippery surfaces is like playing Russian Roulette because your next step can be on a slippery surface on which your bargain Ice Cleats don't work. That's because not all Ice Cleats work well
  • in all winter slippery conditions. Some brands only work on ice and packed snow. Unfortunately, that's not how nature works or the real-world slick surfaces you walk on. There's usually a combination of deep snow, that over time becomes packed snow, and after melting and refreezing becomes ice or black ice. And you can't forget about the dry patches. Depending on the type of surface, some ice cleats can extremely slippery.
  • in frigid temperatures. The lower the temperatures the denser the ice. Traction on ice requires penetration. Your Ice Cleats with a less aggressive stud designs may work well at 25° and not at all at 10° or below.
  • on rough, uneven ice because the distribution of the spikes are poorly distributed. Once you lose traction, it's hard to get it back and you will go down.
  • on steep inclines.
  • as studs wear down because the spike design causes the studs to become smooth or more blunt and therefore less aggressive.
Your Ice Cleat's strap design and durability are critical because they keep your Ice Cleats securely on and aligned on your footwear. Loosing an Ice Cleat in the middle of an icy parking lot or sidewalk is a disaster because
  • Even if a strap hasn't broken and you somehow manage to safely retrieve it, you have nothing to hold on to while putting it back on.
  • If the straps did break, you're in real trouble.

Do you find Ice Cleats too difficult to put on or inconvenient, and impractical to use? Owning Ice Cleats won't do you any good if their in a drawer in your garage.

I'll help you find Ice Cleats that balance performance and safety with convenience and practicality.

Icy Sidewalk

Walking on an icy sidewalk like this is your worst nightmare if you're not wearing Ice Cleats you can trust.

It's not the right time to find out that your Ice Cleats don't work on black ice or that the temperature dropped 10° and your Ice Cleats no longer work on the denser ice.

Why put yourself through unnecessary stress and risk? Talk with me. I pledge to do everything possible to find the best Ice Cleats for you.

Call me at 610-670-2549.

Questions to Ask Yourself Regarding the Importance of Ice Cleats

Do you enjoy
  • Getting a paycheck?
  • Going fishing, hunting, walking, hiking, camping, golfing, or playing tennis; and
  • Playing with the kids and grandchildren?
If you're a business,
  • How many lost-time accidents can you afford?
  • How do you replace the expertise if a key employee is injured?
  • What happens if you're injured? For many smaller businesses, you are the business.
  • Is it good to have higher productivity from employees who aren't moving slowly trying not to slip on the ice?
In a fraction of a second, a slip on the ice and the long-term effects of the resulting injury can turn your life or business upside down.
  • You may not be able to work or enjoy your favorite activities for weeks, months, or even ever again.
  • It can be a financial disaster for you, your family, and business.
  • When you're "better", many people have lingering pain that detracts from all their activities including their ability to perform their job.
  • If you're a senior citizen, a high percentage of seniors who break their hips die within a few years from complications. If you don't believe me, Ask your doctor!

No Ice Cleats Can Guarantee You Won't Slip on Ice

Ice Cleats can only reduce your risk of falling. Professionally-engineered Ice Cleats minimize the risk of slipping on ice. Our mutual goal is to keep you as safe as possible. Winter Walking Ice Cleats have been the industry leaders for over 35 years. Their Ice Cleats are sold through industrial supply houses to some of the largest companies in the United States.
Companies that use Winter Walking Ice cleats.

What are Recreational Ice Cleats?

"Small differences in Ice Cleats design can have a significant impact on maintaining your traction on ice."
Wearing Ice Cleats that don't work on all slippery surfaces is like playing Russian Roulette because your next step can be on a slippery surface on which your bargain Ice Cleats don't work.

Manufacturers that manufacture the Recreational Ice Cleats you find in local stores and most online stores focus on keeping prices low and not the best traction. Recreational Ice Cleats provide traction in certain, and most often not all, slippery winter conditions.

For a few dollars more, you can minimize your risk by buying Professional Quality Ice Cleats with new, state-of-the-art features that will last several times longer than cheap Ice Cleats.

Could you still slip on the ice? Yes! However, at least you will have done everything possible to avoid it. Would you buy a car that was $100 less expensive with brakes that "usually work"?

We sell Professional Quality Winter Walking Ice Cleats. Winter Walking focuses on preventing slips and falls on all winter's slippery conditions while keeping prices as low as possible without sacrificing quality and performance.

Common Myths Regarding Why You Don't Need Ice Cleats

I don't need Ice Cleats because we rarely have ice problems where I live.
It only takes one icy sidewalk and one slip and fall to change your life forever. What if you applied this logic to your home? Would you not buy a smoke detector or fire extinguisher because houses rarely catch fire on your street?
I've fallen many times in the past, and I never got seriously hurt because I know how to fall.
No, you don't! You've been lucky. When you slip on glare or black ice, you don't even know you're falling until you hit the ground. Maybe the next time you won't be so lucky. Furthermore, injuries from slipping on ice tend to become more frequent and serious as you get older.
If there's ice on the ground, I just don't go outside.
Many times, ice surprises you. Icy conditions arise after you're already outside the home. Most of the Ice Cleats I sell are portable, so you can take them with you and have them if and when you need them. Remember, it only takes one fall.

Ice Cleats Buyer's Guide Ice Cleats Experts Help You Find the Best, Safest Ice Grips

We're Ice Cleats and Winter Safety Specialists. Although we do sell other Shoe Traction Devices for all slippery conditions, our primary focus is on Ice Cleats. We provide expert advice based upon 17 years of experience selling Ice Cleats. Beware of rampant misinformation online regarding Ice Cleats! Getting bad advice about buying toasters results in burnt toast. Bad advice about Ice Cleats can result in serious injuries or even death.
  1. Discover Ice Cleats with innovative, new features that give you instant traction on all winter slick surfaces.
  2. Find convenient, practical Ice Cleats you can safely wear while driving and indoors.
  3. Get free expert advice selecting the best Ice Cleats for
    • your location;
    • special considerations regarding the environment in which you plan to use your Ice Grips, i.e., urban, suburbs, rural or hazardous obstacles like steep driveways, sidewalks, hills, and steps;
    • your occupation;
    • how frequently you go in and out of doors;
    • how you plan to use Ice Cleats;
    • your physical limitations; and
    • your preference regarding balancing risk with ease of use.
5 5 / 5 StarsI could not have had a better company to do business with...

"It was the best experience both speaking with and purchasing from Nolan J. Noecker. I first called to inquire about them. Nolan was full of information. He made ordering, explaining, and all facets of the order process just wonderful. I could not have had a better company to do business with. We will order again when we need these.

They are a fabulous product. We have given out his name and the company's name to many, and we've had many people look at our feet with the Ice Cleats on and want to know about them. They are fabulous. I have to say that they grip everything. Ice & snow and sludge, and truly one could dance on these weather dangerous elements wearing these ice grips. We've had many compliments as well.

Nolan was a great customer service rep for this product. Johnny on the spot for sure. I talked to him about many things about this product. I can't say enough great about him, the Ice Cleats, the company, the website, all of it. Thank you, Nolan, for a great experience like I've not had in a very long time. You get 5 Stars for fabulous "customer service." , Canton, OH 01/03/18

Winter Walking Ice Cleats Logo Why Feature Winter Walking Ice Cleats?

I sell what I genuinely believe are the best Ice Cleats. Other brands offer good Ice Cleats. But in my professional opinion, they're not as good. Sometimes the most subtle difference avoids a life-altering injury. No Ice Cleat can guarantee you won't fall. Ice cleats can only reduce the risk of an injury. My job is to minimize that risk.
I do sell Yaktrax, largely by request, because they're the most popular brand in the U.S. Yaktrax are safe to use if you understand their limitations.

Time to Buy Ice Cleats When Is the Best Time to Shop for Ice Cleats?

Shop for Ice Cleats Before Ice Arrives and Injuries Occur
For both companies and consumers, the best time to buy Ice Cleats is before Winter because you'll have time to
  • thoroughly shop and find the best Ice Cleats for your situation instead of settling for whatever you can get in a hurry;
  • make sure they fit your shoes and boots; and
  • lastly, familiarize yourself and instruct your employees about how to properly use them.
Best Ice Cleats 2020 Winter Walking Ice Cleats Removable Ice Cleats Ice Traction for Shoes and Boots Ice Grips for Shoes Industrial Ice Cleats Yaktrax

Ice Cleats and Shoe Attachment Volume Discounts

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Ice Cleats Volume Discounts

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Winter Walking Ice Cleats Low Price Guaranty

No one is more dedicated to helping you find the best Ice Cleats and keeping you safe. I work very hard to bring you the most informative online store that's fast, easy-to-use, and mobile friendly. I don't want to lose a single sale based upon price alone.

Therefore, if you find a lower DELIVERED PRICE from a legitimate online store (not auction sites) selling authentic, new Winter Walking Ice Cleats, I'll match or better that price.

What Free Ice Cleats Size Exchanges Means

No store works harder than we do to get Ice Cleats Sizing right on the first try. If you measure your footwear as I advise you to do in my Sizing Tips, Size Exchanges are rare. However, when Size Exchanges are necessary

This policy is consistent with and exceeds competing stores Free Exchanges policies. If you have questions, please call me at 610-670-2549.

The last thing I want is for you to be disappointed in your purchase or feel that I mislead you or treated you unfairly. So, in the unlikely event you're not totally satisfied with your Ice Cleats or Shoe Traction Devices purchased from me, I'll refund your money and pay for the return freight. Call me at 610-670-2549.

My satisfaction guarantee is unconditional. However, I'll ask you why you're not satisfied because I want to know if

You Won't Find a Better, Safer Place to Buy Ice Cleats!

Here's why buying Ice Cleats from us gives you peace of mind.